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    Antifouling is an essential element of routine boat care. Small accumulations of fouling on the hull can quickly grow into larger masses causing a lot of resistance and severely hampering a vessel’s maneuverability as well as wasting fuel in motorboats. On Mailspeed Marine we supply a massive selection of antifouling paints, sprays and cleaners, including big brands such as International Paints, Flag, and more.

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    Superb Value Antifoul 
    RPP: £40
    Save: £2.01
    RPP: £38.99
    Save: £6
    from £32.99

    Nautical Thinners No.1 Antifouling

    Nautical Thinners No.1

    Solvent for use with Gloss Enamel, Gloss Varnish and Primer Undercoat.
    £7.98 View details

    Flag Antifouling Thinners 1L Antifouling

    Flag Antifouling Thinners 1L

    Thinners for use with FLAG Antifoulings and Primer. Use for cleaning brushes and equipment also.
    £9.99 View details

    Flag Multipurpose Metallic Primer 1L Antifouling

    Flag Multipurpose Metallic Primer 1L

    Universal primer suitable for above and below the waterline on all substrates with good waterproofing and corrosion resisting performance. Also suitable as a primer or barrier coat under antifouling.Easy to apply and relatively quick drying.
    £12.99 View details

    Hempel Prop Primer Antifouling

    Hempel Prop Primer

    Blakes Prop primer is an aerosol spraycoat primer for use with Blakes Mille Drive

    £12.99 View details

    Seajet Underwater Primer  Antifouling

    Seajet Underwater Primer

    Suitable for under water applications only. Recommended as a binder coat over old anti-fouling and a primer for new anti-fouling.

    Quick drying Excellent adhesion to existing anti-fouling and subsequent coat Good sea water resistance.
    from £16.80 View details

    Hempel Underwater Primer Antifouling

    Hempel Underwater Primer

    Use on all substrates. Ideal as antifouling primer or tie coat.
    from £17.50 View details

    Epifanes Bootlak Yacht Enamel Antifouling

    Epifanes Bootlak Yacht Enamel

    Epifanes Bootlak Yacht Enamel

    RRP: £20.78
    Save: £5.79

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    Hempel Mille Drive Antifouling

    Hempel Mille Drive

    Spray coat for the protection of propellers and out drives. This easy to apply aerosol spray provides a quick and easy way of protecting your propeller and outdrive unit.

    Available in Black and Grey
    £18.25 View details

    Nautical Grey Underwater Primer Antifouling

    Nautical Grey Underwater Primer

    Nautical Underwater Primer is a quick drying one-part yacht primer suitable for all surfaces below the waterline.
    from £17.68 View details

    International Paints Primocon Antifouling

    International Paints Primocon

    A quick drying, general purpose below waterline primer, ideal for metal keels and hulls prior to antifouling, or for use as a barrier/sealer coat between unknown or incompatible antifouling.
    from £20.29 View details

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