Criticism mounts following decision to charge spectators to watch Olympic sailing

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London 2012The 2012 Olympics will mark the first time ever spectators will be charged to watch Olympic sailing events – a decision that has sparked a backlash against London 2012 organisers.

Temporary seating will be installed at Nothe Gardens, a popular Weymouth beauty sport, for sports enthusiasts to enjoy the action, but the decision to charge spectators has been met with criticism. Tickets will range from £20 for preliminary races to £55 for medal races.

Most of the outrage has not been so much directed at the cost of ticket prices, but the decision to restict free movement around the Weymouth coastal path, with Tory councillor Roger Allen commenting:

“Loads of people are outraged that they won’t be able to go in the gardens for two to three weeks. The gardens are very popular. People take their dogs there and take their kids there in the summer. They picnic, they barbecue, they sunbathe. In the town, people haven’t really got back gardens so it’s very well used.”

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