World First Search and Rescue Equipment Used in Jersey

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New search and rescue equipment designed to pinpoint somebody or something lost at sea is to be used for the first time in Jersey.

Jersey Coastguard has had the latest version of an internationally recognised Search and Rescue Information System (SARIS IV) installed.

The equipment can predict the movement of a target (for example a person lost overboard, a boat or an area of pollution) using the same methods developed by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, such as knowledge of the tides, winds and tidal currents in the area. It is based on years of Maritime and Coastguard experience.

Captain Rick Masterman from Jersey Coastguard said: “This will be an incredible addition to the tools we use when we launch a search and rescue operation in the territorial waters of Jersey. Traditionally we have used nautical charts and careful statistical calculations to help pinpoint the predicted movement of somebody or something lost overboard, which when coupled with the knowledge of the local tides is a very precise and skilled technique. This will now be supported by this new equipment, however, It is important to recognise that nothing is ever 100% guaranteed – the waters around Jersey are particularly affected by strong tidal currents.”

The coastguards will also now have access to a new electronic logging system which will keep track of all incidents at sea.

To avoid serious incidents, wearing life jackets is always vital.

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