Boat Maintenance

Keep your boat in top condition with our huge selection of boat maintenance products including marine paint and varnish, anodes, antifouling, deck brushes and rollers, wood treatment as well as screws and fixings, tools and repair kits. All our products are from the brands you trust including International Paints, Starbrite, Plastimo and more. Keeps your boat sparkling all year round with our cleaning polishing and accessories section.


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  1. * Marine 16 - Diesel Fuel Complete, Boat Maintenance

    * Marine 16 - Diesel Fuel Complete

    For complete protection with biodiesels, ulsd and any diesel type. Prevents the growth of diesel bug. Combats all of the effects of using biodiesel and ultra low sulphur diesel. Gives lubricity, cleaner easier starting, reduces emissions, improves fuel consumption and reduces fuel line and injector deposits to zero. Suitable for all diesel engine types and all diesel fuels.

  2.  Sonic Scrubber, Boat Maintenance

    Sonic Scrubber

    Lightweight, portable and watertight, this great little brush measures 26 x 4 x 2cm and features an ergonomic handle
    RRP: £16.99
    Saving: £15.00

  3. Starbrite Starbrite Spider Away - 22oz, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Spider Away - 22oz

    Repel spiders with this non-toxic alternative to lethal insecticides. When sprayed on their lairs, creepy crawlers take a hike and don't come back! Use during warm months in locations where spiders like to nest.

  4. Mailspeed Marine Mailspeed Marine Condensation Moisture Trap, Boat Maintenance

    Mailspeed Marine Condensation Moisture Trap

    Crystals absorb moisture and smells. Works for 6-8 weeks, then just empty and renew crystals. Safe in confined spaces

  5. International Paints International Paints Interspeed Ultra - 2.5LT, Boat Maintenance

    International Paints Interspeed Ultra - 2.5LT

    Best suited to the Very high fouling areas for all types of boats New advanced biocide package. Great performance against slime and weed. Ideal for club racers and powerboats.
    RRP: £129.99
    Saving: £5.00

  6. International Paints International Paints Cruiser Uno EU Antifoul - 3LT, Boat Maintenance

    International Paints Cruiser Uno EU Antifoul - 3LT

    Polishing antifouling for motor boats (up to 25 knots) and sailing boats.
    RRP: £95.99
    Saving: £16.00

  7. International Paints International Paints Interspeed Ultra 2 Antifoul - 2.5LT, Boat Maintenance

    International Paints Interspeed Ultra 2 Antifoul - 2.5LT

    A premium hard antifouling, ideal for fast powerboats in the highest fouling conditions. Ultra strong formula gives maximum protection in high fouling areas. Hard, durable finished can be burnished to produce a super smooth surface for reduced drag and increased speed making it perfect for fast, active craft.
    RRP: £130.64
    Saving: £20.65

  8.  Flag Cruising Antifouling, Boat Maintenance

    Flag Cruising Antifouling

    FLAG Cruising Antifouling offers adequate fouling protection for boats up to around 8 knots average in areas of low fouling or fresh water if you’re boating on a budget.
    RRP: £59.98
    Saving: £25.99

  9. International Paints Micron Extra, Boat Maintenance

    International Paints Micron Extra

    High strength, self-polishing antifouling that provides up to two seasons protection in high fouling areas from one application (3 coats). Improved resin system offers more time between application and immersion – up to 12 months.
    RRP: £44.99
    Saving: £15.00

  10. Hempel Hempel Classic Antifouling - 2.5LT, Boat Maintenance

    Hempel Classic Antifouling - 2.5LT

    Superb value-for-money conventional antifoul. Recommended for use on glass-fibre, wood, plywood, steel and ferr-cement with a speed below 15 knots.
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £1.00

  11. Gerber Gerber MP400 Compact Sport Multi-Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber MP400 Compact Sport Multi-Tool

    Thanks to its stainless steel hardware, and its Fiskars scissors, which have the ability to cut through seatbelts. The Gerber Compact Sport MP400 is unmatched for strength, durability and ease of use.

  12. Gerber Gerber Grappler Multi-Tool , Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Grappler Multi-Tool

    The Grappler is one of those engineering feats that makes even us step back and marvel. This vise grip multi plier snaps into the ready position with just one hand and locks down for a tight bite on any screw 5/8" or smaller.
    RRP: £69.99
    Saving: £2.00

  13. Gerber Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool , Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool

    The only compact multi tool with two full size blades on it. The Compact Multi Tool is small enough for a keychain or pocket, yet packs a big punch when you need it most.

  14. Gerber Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit - Basic, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit - Basic

    Introducing the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series of gear. This collaboration brings together Gerber’s over 70 years of knife and gear expertise with Bear Grylls' extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience to create a one of a kind line of knives, tools and gear.

  15. Starbrite Starbrite Easy (EZ) Scrub, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Easy (EZ) Scrub

    Cleans ground-in dirt and stains from fiberglass, metal, plastic, mica, tile and painted surfaces. Combines superfine abrasives and chelating agents to lift and remove stains, grime and oxidation without scratching.

  16. Starbrite Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Shampoo, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Shampoo

    Use on vinylized canvas, chairs, cushions and foul weather gear. Cleans All Vinyl Surfaces, including: Vinyl Tops and Interiors, Vinyl Fabrics, Vinyl Furniture & Upholstery, Vinyl Clothing, Shoes, Laminated Vinyl Appliances and also Cleans Mica Surfaces.

  17. Gerber Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber MP800 Legend Multi-Tool

    Features more comfortable handles, spring loaded pliers and greater wire cutting ability.
    RRP: £123.99
    Saving: £34.00

  18. Gerber Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Tool

    An updated classic, the Pocket Tool is a modern interpretation of the traditional, minimal multi tool.

  19. Gerber Gerber Diesel Multi-Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Diesel Multi-Tool

    Think big. Think tough. Think capable. Think versatile. Think about combining all those stalwart qualities into a king-of-the-road multi tool that also features the ease and convenience of wrist flick deployment.

  20. Gerber Gerber Flik Multi Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Flik Multi Tool

    The FliK is a revolutionary new tool that delivers industrial strength and professional grade functionality within a compact design meant for every day use.

  21. Gerber Gerber Evo Multi-Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Evo Multi-Tool

    Time and again, Gerber manages to push the bar for innovation in the multi tool category. The Evo is no exception. Based on their knife counterparts, the Evo exudes simple style and features all outboard components, meaning there is no need to open handles to access tools.

  22. Gerber Gerber Dime Keychain Multi-Tool Accessories, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Dime Keychain Multi-Tool

    Gerber took the standard keychain multi tool and made it better. In addition to stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and file, the Dime includes a unique blade designed to safely cut and score plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the tool is closed.

  23. Starbrite Starbrite Slime & Grime Stain Remover, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Slime & Grime Stain Remover - 16oz

    Removes mold stains & mildew stains, rust, tarnish and other tough stains. Works on boat bottoms, shower stalls, floor tile, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, cement and non-skid decks.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £2.00

  24. Gerber Gerber Fit Light Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Fit Light Tool

    Encased in smooth anodized aluminum, the Fit is a handheld 22 Lumen L.E.D. flashlight with folding multitool attachments.

  25. International Paints International Paints Micron Extra 2 Antifoul - 2.5LT, Boat Maintenance

    International Paints Micron Extra 2 Antifoul - 2.5LT

    Premium polishing antifouling providing 2 seasons protection in difficult fouling conditions. High performance, premium multi-season copolymer antifouling, providing up to 2 years protection even in the harshest fouling conditions. Polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is always exposed to the water.
    RRP: £124.40
    Saving: £13.41

  26. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast LED Multi tool with Free Torch, Boat Maintenance

    Nauticalia Coast LED Multi tool with Free Torch

    We love this new range of torches, lanterns, and multi-tools from American brand Coast – they offer superb build quality, high-grade materials, and cutting-edge LED technology at very reasonable prices - great value!
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £3.00

  27. Starbrite Starbrite Vinyl Brite Protectant, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Vinyl Brite Protectant

    Vinyl Brite cleans and restores old vinyl to a like-new appearance while leaving a protective coating that helps prevent future weathering.

  28. Gerber Gerber Crucial Compact Multi Tool - Green, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Crucial Compact Multi Tool

    It’s compact and folds up small, yet the Crucial collects an entire toolbox of full size components in one rugged stainless steel package. The pliers handles are ergonomically curved for a better grip and more torque. The liner locking knife blade is half fine edge and half serrated.

  29. Starbrite Starbrite Super Orange Citrus Range Wash & Wax, Boat Maintenance

    Starbrite Super Orange Citrus Range

    Boat Wash: Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned.Boat Wash & Wax: Washes, shines and protects in one easy step.Bilge Cleaner: Citrus extract formula emulsifies oil, grease, fuel and transmission fluid.

  30. Gerber Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool, Boat Maintenance

    Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

    The Suspension features spring loaded needlenose pliers, making deployment quick and easy. They incorporate the Saf.T.Plus system which locks components securely.
    RRP: £49.98
    Saving: £9.99


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