Paint Brushes

Painting can be tricky therefore a range of different sized brushes are normally needed. At Mailspeed Marine we have a great variety of Harris paint brushes that will help you along the way. With pure brittle brushes with nickel plated ferrule and hardwood handles to long handle brushes with angled edges to get the tricky corners; as well as artist brushes that will allow you to complete any fine detail on your boat. All of these brushes give a good reliable finish. Why not have a look at our selection of rollers and handles.


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  1. Harris Harris Classic Paint Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris Classic Paint Brushes

    Classic Paint Brushes. Nickel plated ferrule,pure bristle, hardwood handle.
    RRP: £7.95
    Saving: £4.96

  2. Lynwood Lynwood No Bristle Loss Brush, Paint Brushes

    Lynwood No Bristle Loss Brush

    Synthetic filaments and deep set resin help prevent bristle loss during painting and create a quality brush that will give a fine finish will all paints and varnishes.
    RRP: £1.00
    Saving: £0.01

  3. Lynwood Lynwood Detail & Hobby Brushes Round Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Lynwood Detail & Hobby Brushes

    Designed for stenciling, hobbycraft & fine decorative work. Pack of six brushes.

  4. Lynwood Lynwood Paint Trays, Paint Brushes

    Lynwood Paint Trays

    Ideal for any painting task.

  5. Lynwood Lynwood Paint Kettles & Scuttles, Paint Brushes

    Lynwood Paint Kettles & Scuttles

    Ideal for all painting tasks.

  6. Harris Reach Brush 1.5", Paint Brushes

    Harris Reach Brush 1.5"

    Harris Taskmasters Range Angled Reach Brush Perfect for detailed work Long handle with angled head for hard to reach places Size: 1.5" / 38mm
    RRP: £4.20
    Saving: £0.21

  7. Harris Paint Kettle, Paint Brushes

    Harris Paint Kettle

    6 inch wide, 2 litre holding capacity. Suitable for use with all paints & varnishes.

  8. Harris 3 Artist Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris 3 Artist Brushes

    Assorted brushes for fine detail paintwork, crafts and hobbies.

  9. Harris Orange  Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris Orange Brushes

    Harris Orange Brushes - New Suitable for Paints and Varnishes. A blend of quality natural bristle and synthetic filaments for a smooth finish
    RRP: £7.95
    Saving: £3.75

  10. Harris Set Of 5 Paint Brushes, Paint Brushes
  11. Lynwood Lynwood Redline Paint Brush, Paint Brushes

    Lynwood Redline Paint Brush

    Unchanged due to its reliable reputation and great value for money, the Redline brush is manufactured with 100% synthetic filaments and is perfect for general use. The range are available in sizes 0.5” – 3” as well as a 5 and 10 pack brush set.


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