Thinners are also available alongside paint and varnishes; they are used to improve flow and/or penetration. We have thinners from leading brands flag with antifouling and primer, Seajet used for cleaning and thinning down of UV and satin varnishes and deck paint, Hempel and International supply a range of thinners for different requirements and paints. Check out our marine paints, varnishes and antifouling too.


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  1. Hempel Thinners, Thinners

    Hempel Thinners

    Use recommended thinners or cleaners to improve flow and/or penetration. Choose the right one for your requirments from the list below. 750ml. Thinners No.1 - Conventional Paint / Varnish Thinners No.2 - 2 pack Polyurethanes Thinners No.3 - All Blakes Antifouli
    RRP: £12.99
    Saving: £4.00

  2. Hempel Hempel Thinners No.6 - 5 Litre, Thinners

    Hempel Thinners No.6 - 5 Litre

    Use recommended thinners or cleaners to improve flow and/or penetration.
    RRP: £75.07
    Saving: £5.08

  3. Nautical Thinner No.2, Thinners

    Nautical Thinner No.2

    Solvent for use with Eroding Antifouling and Underwater Primer.

  4. Flag 1LT, Thinners

    Flag Antifouling Thinners

    Thinners for use with FLAG Antifoulings and Primer. Use for cleaning brushes and equipment also.

  5.  Coelan Wood Coating - Cleaner/Thinner, Thinners

    Coelan Wood Coating - Cleaner/Thinner

    For use with all Coelans products.

  6. Bainbridge Bainbridge Langlow White Spirit, Thinners

    Bainbridge Langlow White Spirit

    Sometimes called mineral turpentine, this is the best solvent for thinning alkyd-based oil paints. Also excellent as a general purpose cleaner and degreaser

  7. Seajet Thinners U 1L, Thinners

    Seajet Thinners U 1L

    RRP: £11.54
    Saving: £1.55

  8. Blue Gee Acetone, Thinners

    Blue Gee Acetone

    A fast acting aggressive and economical solvent that will quickly evaporate. It is recommended that tools are washed in soapy water after application of solvent.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £22.04

  9. Mailspeed Marine Methylated Spirit, Thinners

    Mailspeed Marine Methylated Spirit

    For cleaning glass and metal surfaces, pre-heating paraffin stoves and lamps.

  10. International Paints Thinners, Thinners

    International Paints Thinners

    International thinners are usd for improving flow and penetration of international paint products. Thinners number 1 can also be used as equipment cleaner.
    RRP: £17.99
    Saving: £9.50

  11. International Paints International Paints Thinners - No. 3, Thinners

    International Paints Thinners - No. 3

    Thinner and equipment cleaner for antifoulings (except VC®). Not suitable for thinning Micron® Optima. Size: 500ml
    RRP: £13.99
    Saving: £1.00


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