Watersports Accessories

There are a number of great water sports accessories that are essential in having a good time on the water. Our popular products are ski rope sets and handles, tow eyes and a water tow ropes as well as bridles from top brands like Plastimo and sports stuff.If you are looking to start something different then why not take a look out fantastic range of buoyancy aids.


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  1. Sevylor K Compact 215 4 Section Aluminium Paddle, Watersports Accessories

    Sevylor K Compact 215 4 Section Aluminium Paddle

    Kayak paddle (2.15m) Converts into 2 canoe paddles (2 x 1.50m) Aluminium shaft and polypropylene blades 1.8kg

  2. Sevylor Sevylor Rechargeable Quickpump 12v and 240v, 40m Bar, Watersports Accessories

    Sevylor Rechargeable Quickpump 12v and 240v, 40m Bar

    This neat, rechargeable electric pump is all you will need to pump up your inflatable dinghy, kayak or canoe. Can be plugged into your car charger if necessary.
    RRP: £47.99
    Saving: £14.00

  3. Sevylor Sevylor Kayak Paddle - Two Piece, Watersports Accessories

    Sevylor Kayak Paddle - Two Piece

    Sevylor K-Performance two piece kayak paddle with spring button joint. The ideal choice for an inflatable kayak.
    RRP: £41.99
    Saving: £7.00

  4. Plastimo Plastimo Ski Tow Eye, Watersports Accessories

    Plastimo Ski Tow Eye

    Transom mount. Totally impervious to corrosion : ring, threaded shank and flange entirely made from stainless steel.
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £5.00

  5. Sportsstuff Water Toy Tow Rope, Watersports Accessories

    Sportsstuff Water Toy Tow Rope

    This rope is perfect for towing all Sportstuff towables. 60Ft Length. It features a molded plastic caddy for easy storage. 2K = Up to 2 Rider Towables 4K = Up to 4 Rider Towables 6K = Up to 6 Rider T
    RRP: £41.99
    Saving: £18.00

  6. Ocean Kayak Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers - Large, Watersports Accessories

    Ocean Kayak Scupper Stopers

    Scupper Stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of your Ocean Kayak. This will help you stay dry while you are paddling. Sold in pairs. Available in various sizes for different kayaks


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