Seasure Deck Hatches & Boat Vents

Boat ventilation will keep your cabin at a comfortable temperature for you and your crew. We stock vents of varying sizes, styles and designs as well as a selection of solar fans ideal for keeping the air circulating in confined areas from mushroom vents to louvered vents. We also stock a great selection of deck hatches of various shapes and sizes including Houdini hatches, Lewmar hatches and more. You may be interested in deck plates and hatches.


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  1. SeaSure Holding Tank Vent Filter, Deck Hatches & Boat Vents

    SeaSure Holding Tank Vent Filter

    The Microvent Holding Tank Vent Filter prevents unwanted odours. It's easy to install and change when needed, although the charcoal filter will last a long time
    RRP: £104.99
    Saving: £10.00

  2. SeaSure Hatch Lock, Deck Hatches & Boat Vents

    SeaSure Hatch Lock

    Used to secure the sliding hatch to the washboards, this deck hatch lock can be operated from the cabin or the cockpit. Provision for padlock. Suitable for washboards up to 19mm thick.
    RRP: £93.99
    Saving: £6.00


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