Plastimo Fenders, Buoys & Markers

Fenders, buoys and markers are essential for you and your boat safety. Boat fenders will keep your craft from colliding with any potential obstacle while contending with the movement of the water. We have a great selection of fenders, buoys and markers, in all shapes and sizes, including ropes and inflators. You may also be interested in our fender covers.


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  1. Plastimo Performance Fenders, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Performance Fenders

    The Plastimo Performance Fenders offer a versatile and high-quality fender solution. Made from PVC that is soft, shiny and UV resistant all bases are covered with these boat fenders.
    RRP: £26.99
    Saving: £13.00

  2. Plastimo Flat Type Fenders, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Flat Type Fenders

    Semi-rigid fender : will not puncture or deflate.Manufactured in polyethylene closed cell foam, it provides good hull protection.Do not absorb oils or water.Easily stack in a locker.Will not mar the h
    RRP: £57.99
    Saving: £28.00

  3. Plastimo Rod Mooring Buoys, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Rod Mooring Buoys

    Mooring buoy with rod. Soft PVC, UV resistant. Rod and swivel in hot galvanised steel. PVC covered handle for a more comfortable grip. Protects the hull against shocks.

  4. Plastimo Pick Up Buoys, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Pick Up Buoys

    A well designed mooring pick up buoy available in 2 sizes and 2 colours. Sizes are length x diameter.
    RRP: £22.88
    Saving: £8.89

  5. Plastimo Adapter Inflatable Fender Valve, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Adapter Inflatable Fender Valve

    Adaptor Inflatable Fender Valve. • Specially designed for the inflation of Plastimo Performace Fenders and Bumper Dock Fenders• Compatible with all Plastimo pumps and inflators • Diameter: 14mm

  6. Plastimo Plastimo Bumper Dock Fenders, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Bumper Dock Fenders

    The Bumper is a really efficient fender, to be fixed on the pontoon. Suitable for all pontoons. Measurements are diameter x length cm.

  7. Plastimo Plastimo Articulated Bumper - White, Fenders, Buoys & Markers

    Plastimo Articulated Bumper - White

    This bumper dock fender is ideal for neatly fendering around corners, as it's articulating sections fit snugly around. Dimensions: 18cm dia x 80cm long.


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