We stock a wide range of torches that are waterproof and shock resistant. Many for the torches float beam upright and are designed for the best boaters out there. Enhanced performance from Beamaster Lensafety carrying strap and a Non-corrosive polypropylene battery compartment is a great feature. Glotorches from Ocean safety are very popular, made from glow in dark plastic, where Mailspeed Marine offer solar torches where the power is supplied by a solar panel which recharges the built-in battery. Other brands leading brands that are available; Gerber, Silva, ACR, Nauticalia. You also be interested in flares.


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  1. Gerber Gerber Tempo Flashlight, Torches

    Gerber Tempo Flashlight

    The Gerber Tempo Flashlight is a rugged, pocket sized alternative to more large, heavy torches. Featuring a anodized aluminum body and standard 4 hour run time from a single AAA battery, the Tempo ensures you have illumination without the excess bulk.
    RRP: £9.99
    Saving: £4.00

  2. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast High Intensity Head Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast High Intensity Head Torch

    The Coast HL4 Dual Colour LED Head Torch has comfortable elastic straps and weighs in at just 125 grams with batteries. The HL4 head torch has two different LED types; 1 x Red LED to preserve your night vision and keep animals from detecting you and 5 x White LED's for general high-powered illumination.
    RRP: £22.99
    Saving: £1.00

  3. Silva Silva Siju Headlamp, Torches

    Silva Siju Headlamp

    The Silva Siju is a sporty and innovatively designed addition to Silva's headlamp series and is also the smallest and most compact of all the models.
    RRP: £14.99
    Saving: £2.00

  4. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast EAL15 Lamp, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast EAL15 Lamp

    Coast’s EAL15 lantern offers 5 lighting modes – white light at 3 intensities, and solid and flashing red modes. This means that you can enjoy up to 50 hours illumination on one set of batteries (4xC batteries*, not supplied, see below), or turn up the power when you need more illumination.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £1.00

  5. Gerber Gerber Recon Task Light, Torches

    Gerber Recon Task Light

    L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment, lets you dial in the color that'll serve you best: White for general situations, red for preserving night vision, blue for identifying fluids, and green for map reading.
    RRP: £32.99
    Saving: £5.00

  6. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G19 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast G19 Torch

    The G19 torch is only 4" long, but produces a powerful tightly-focussed ‘inspection’ beam from its super-tough water-resistant aluminium housing. Uses 1x AAA battery* (supplied) which lasts up to 3¼hrs, and has a 5-year warranty.
    RRP: £10.99
    Saving: £1.00

  7. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP7R 'Flexcharge' Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP7R 'Flexcharge' Torch

    This is a rechargeable version of our popular HP7 torch. Like the original, it offers high, low, and strobe modes, and fingertip flood-to-spot focusing, which can be locked, but this one can be recharged by numerous different means to suit your circumstances.
    RRP: £89.99
    Saving: £5.00

  8. Plastimo Plastimo Halogen Torch, Torches

    Plastimo Halogen Torch

    Marine halogen torch in a watertight casing. Perfect to keep aboard when you need torch light.

  9. Jabsco Jabsco Remote Control Search Light 155SL 12v, Torches

    Jabsco Remote Control Search Light 155SL 12v

    A sealed Beam Halogen Lamp - perfect Search Light to have onboard.
    RRP: £248.99
    Saving: £29.00

  10. Ocean Safety Ocean Safety Exposure Marine X2 Sailing Torch & Case, Torches

    Ocean Safety Exposure Marine X2 Sailing Torch & Case

    Exposure Marine X2 marine torch case includes: Exposure Marine X2 sailing torch, Charging holster with velcro and water resistant adhesive attachment, Carriage holster with velcro belt loop, security loop and water resistant adhesive attachment and much more.
    RRP: £199.99
    Saving: £5.00

  11. Ocean Safety Ocean Safety Exposure Marine Pro 3 Sailing Torch, Torches

    Ocean Safety Exposure Marine Pro 3 Sailing Torch

    An unbeatable search light in the palm of your hands, with instantaneous operation, increasing speed and efficiency.
    RRP: £199.99
    Saving: £5.00

  12. Gerber Gerber TX4.0 LED Torch, Torches

    Gerber TX4.0 LED Torch

    A sturdy flashlight with anti roll design, the TX4.0 features an ultra narrow optic for improved beam distance visibility.

  13. Ocean Safety Ocean Safety Exposure Marine XS Torch, Torches

    Ocean Safety Exposure Marine XS Torch

    The Exposure Marine XS sailing torch comes complete with Dyneema quick release reflective lanyard, 2 x Exposure CR123A batteries and an instruction card.
    RRP: £44.99
    Saving: £3.00

  14. Nauticalia Nauticalia Pocket-Sized Emergency Lamp, Torches

    Nauticalia Pocket-Sized Emergency Lamp

    This handy emergency light combines a hand-held white LED torch with a lantern which offers more general illumination, and also red emergency warning/signalling modes.

  15. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G45 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast G45 Torch

    The G45 torch packs 6 LEDs into its pocket-sized 4¼" case, providing a very bright, 135-lumen white flood beam.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £1.00

  16. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G30 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast G30 Torch

    Our G30 torch is only 6¼" long, but produces a powerful 426ft (130m) beam which can be focussed from flood to spotlight with a simple twist. Like our other Coast torches, it is made from super-tough anodised aluminium and is weatherproof and almost unbreakable.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £1.00

  17. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP14 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP14 Torch

    The HP14 torch offers a choice of high intensity (up to 4¾hr run time) and low intensity (up to 20hr run time) beams, and both can be focussed from spot to floodlight with fingertip control.
    RRP: £64.99
    Saving: £2.00

  18. UniLite UniLite Floating Lantern - Rubber, Torches

    UniLite Floating Lantern - Rubber

    One of the most durable lanterns in our range. Micro-switch operation, 150% brighter Xenon bulb (4.8v), enhanced performance from the Beamaster lens, charging facility at the bottom of the lantern. Can be used with the unique plug in rechargeable battery listed below.
    RRP: £45.99
    Saving: £9.00

  19. Aqua Signal Aqua Signal Watertight Hand-Held Searchlights, Torches

    Aqua Signal Watertight Hand-Held Searchlights

    Hand-held watertight searchlights from Aqua Signal. Available in either 12v (30W) or 24 (50W).

  20. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch

    For such a small torch (the case measures only 5½"), the HP7TAC provides an incredibly bright beam – more than 250 lumens over almost 650ft (200m).
    RRP: £54.99
    Saving: £5.00

  21. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast TX10 4-Colour Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast TX10 4-Colour Torch

    From its pocket-sized anodised-aluminium case, the TX10 produces a bright white flood light, red light (to preserve your night vision), and green and blue lights.
    RRP: £25.99
    Saving: £1.00

  22. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch

    The largest and most powerful in the range of Coast Torches is the HP17. The 3x D batteries* (supplied) project a massive 575-lumen beam over more than 650ft (200m) for up to 13½ hours.
    RRP: £84.99
    Saving: £2.00

  23. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G50 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast G50 Torch

    The G50 was designed to pack a lot of power into a very small case – it’s only 4¾" long, so easily fits into a pocket, but projects a bright 166-lumen beam over 469ft (143m).
    RRP: £34.99
    Saving: £2.00

  24. Mailspeed Marine Mailspeed Marine Turboflame Lighter, Torches

    Mailspeed Marine Turboflame Lighter

    Turboflame multi task lighter. Lights in any direction with pinpoint accuracy - even upside down. Perfect for hard to reach places (deep candle holders, burners, boiler pilots & fireplaces). Perfect for use camping, on the boat or just at home.

  25. Ocean Safety Ocean Safety Exposure Marine XS-R Sailing Torch, Torches

    Ocean Safety Exposure Marine XS-R Sailing Torch

    The Exposure marine XS-R sailing torch comes complete with Dyneema quick release reflective lanyard, 2 x Exposure CR123A batteries and an instruction card.
    RRP: £44.99
    Saving: £3.00

  26. Gerber Gerber Option 50 Flashlight, Torches

    Gerber Option 50 Flashlight

    Beams out 50 lumens. Operates on any one of three battery types (AA, AAA or CR123) and is durable enough for the tool box.
    RRP: £49.99
    Saving: £29.00

  27. Gerber Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Torch, Torches

    Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Torch

    Encased in a water resistant rubber handle, the Bear Grylls Survival LED Torch is compact and powerful.

  28. Ocean Safety Right Angled 2 Cell Marine Torch, Torches

    Ocean Safety Right Angled 2 Cell Marine Torch

    2 Cell marine safe torch. Constructed with a sturdy grip, directional beam, belt clip and carrying ring. This torch is ATEX approved.

  29. Ocean Safety High Powered Search Light, Torches

    Ocean Safety High Powered Search Light

    Rechargeable Light 500,000 candela Lead acid rechargeable battery pack. AC/DC chargers Halogen bulb Switch Lock

  30. UniLite Rubber Torch, Torches

    UniLite Rubber Torch

    Waterproof, non-toxic rubber torch, floats with the beam upright. Comes with a 60mm reflector, safety carrying strap and microswitch.


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