Nauticalia Onboard Chandlery

Our Onboard Chandlery section include essential marine equipment that your boat can’t go without, including boat seats, fender and buoys, search lights, boat trailers and traditional Nauticalia pieces that will make your boat feel and look more homely. Browse through our huge selection and we’ll impress you with our unbeatable prices. Why not have a look at our great section on galley and heads.


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  1. Nauticalia Gipsy Moth Lamp, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Gipsy Moth Lamp

    A compact oil lamp designed for small sailing boats, it is fully gimballed and heavily weighted for maximum safety.

  2. Nauticalia Nauticalia Chrome Pressure Lantern, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Chrome Pressure Lantern

    This type of amazingly powerful paraffin lantern was first developed in Germany in 1910, and has been in production ever since. Why? Well even today there is a need for independent light sources where there is no electricity - camping and boating for example - and the design has never been surpassed.
    RRP: £139.99
    Saving: £25.00

  3. Nauticalia Nauticalia Fastnet Lamp Brass, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Fastnet Gimballed Brass Lamp

    This polished oil lamp has earned the respect of serious sailors because of its highly sensitive gimbal mechanism which ensures that it remains upright even in turbulent seas. A special feature is the heat-shield, which gimbals with the lamp.
    RRP: £82.99
    Saving: £28.00

  4. Nauticalia Gipsy Moth Lamp - Heatshield, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Gipsy Moth Lamp - Heatshield

    Heatshield for Gipsy Moth Oil Lamp. Chrome or Brass

  5. Nauticalia Gypsy Moth Lamp Heatshield - Chrome, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Gypsy Moth Lamp Heatshield - Chrome

    Heatshield for Gypsy Moth Oil Lamp

  6. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast EAL20 Lamp, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast EAL20 Lamp

    The Coast EAL20 lantern runs off of 4 x D cell batteries and offers up to 80 hours of run time in energy saving mode and delivers a maximum of 375 lumens of white light at full power.
    RRP: £39.95
    Saving: £3.00

  7. Nauticalia Library Lamp -, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Library Lamp -

    Our smart library (study, side-table or den) lamp has a resin moulded base depicting a boating theme, which includes an anchor, a rope, ships wheel and a sailing boat, arranged atop books with appropr
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £10.00

  8. Nauticalia Anchor Bottle Opener and Corkscrew, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Anchor Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

    Bottle cap remover and corkscrew in one. The flukes of the anchor give a good purchase on stubborn corks. Chunky polished brass castings with stainless steel "worm" (corkscrew thread).
    RRP: £10.99
    Saving: £1.00

  9. Nauticalia Nauticalia Isagi Non-Slip Placemats & Coasters Set, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Isagi Non-Slip Placemats & Coasters Set

    They are made from non-slip foam, which is melded onto a polyester mesh. The unique manufacturing process produces a hardwearing fabric which is not sticky or stretchy, but grips on both sides. It is durable, with an attractive open-weave structure that allows air to circulate - perfect for marine environments. They are washable and available in a range of colours.
    RRP: £15.99
    Saving: £6.00

  10. Nauticalia Tea Towel  - Why is a Ship called She?, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Tea Towel - Why is a Ship called She?

    Novelty polished brass keyring with propeller.
    RRP: £6.99
    Saving: £1.00

  11. Nauticalia Nauticalia Nautical Coaster All, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Nautical Coaster

    Stylish Nautical Coasters in a variety of designs.
    RRP: £2.50
    Saving: £0.01

  12. Nauticalia Nauticalia Tea Towels, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Tea Towels

    Galley cloths - choose from 3 patterns

  13. Nauticalia Folding Dishrack, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Folding Dishrack

    A dishrack would be so handy on board, but where to stow it? Easy with this one because it folds up into itself.
    RRP: £15.99
    Saving: £2.00

  14. Nauticalia Nauticalia Royal Navy Glass - First Mate, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Royal Navy Glass - First Mate

    Keep track of who’s who, and whose drink is whose, with this smart engraved glass Fist Mate tumbler – helps avoid confusion between daughter’s lemonade and Dad’s gin and tonic!
    RRP: £5.99
    Saving: £1.00

  15. Nauticalia Nauticalia Muggi Mug Holder - Blue, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Muggi Mug Holder

    Unlike most trays, this ingenious new design holds your mugs, glasses, or bottles securely in four moulded slots, and its rubber feet won’t slip when you put it down.
    RRP: £9.99
    Saving: £1.00

  16. Nauticalia Nauticalia Porcelain Mug - Captain, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Porcelain Mug

    These Porcelain mugs are styled to look just like the old enameled tin mugs from campfires of old however these mugs will retain the heat much better and wont leave a nasty after taste behind.

  17. Nauticalia Royal Navy Glass - Skipper, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Royal Navy Glass - Skipper

    Smart, engraved glass tumbler.
    RRP: £5.99
    Saving: £1.00

  18. Nauticalia Nauticalia Nautical Code Flag Mug, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Nautical Code Flag Mug

    Code flag mug. Cream coloured on the inside and navy out, with the chosen design printed twice on the outside and perfect for enjoying a cuppa at sea.
    RRP: £7.99
    Saving: £2.00

  19. Nauticalia Fleet Admiral Quartz Clock, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Fleet Admiral Quartz Clock

    Destined to grace the finest locations: from the main bulkhead of a J-Class yacht, to the mahogany-panelled walls of a retired Admiral’s study
    RRP: £375.00
    Saving: £26.00

  20. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G19 Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast G19 Torch

    The G19 torch is only 4" long, but produces a powerful tightly-focussed ‘inspection’ beam from its super-tough water-resistant aluminium housing. Uses 1x AAA battery* (supplied) which lasts up to 3¼hrs, and has a 5-year warranty.
    RRP: £10.99
    Saving: £1.00

  21. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast EAL15 Lamp, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast EAL15 Lamp

    Coast’s EAL15 lantern offers 5 lighting modes – white light at 3 intensities, and solid and flashing red modes. This means that you can enjoy up to 50 hours illumination on one set of batteries (4xC batteries*, not supplied, see below), or turn up the power when you need more illumination.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £1.00

  22. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G50 Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast G50 Torch

    The G50 was designed to pack a lot of power into a very small case – it’s only 4¾" long, so easily fits into a pocket, but projects a bright 166-lumen beam over 469ft (143m).
    RRP: £34.99
    Saving: £2.00

  23. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch

    For such a small torch (the case measures only 5½"), the HP7TAC provides an incredibly bright beam – more than 250 lumens over almost 650ft (200m).
    RRP: £54.99
    Saving: £5.00

  24. Nauticalia Nauticalia Multi-Mode LED Head Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Multi-Mode LED Head Torch

    The superb little LED headtorch is great value, and packed with features including a high-intensity beam, low-intensity long-life beam, red light and a Morse code ‘SOS mode' for emergencies.

  25. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G45 Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast G45 Torch

    The G45 torch packs 6 LEDs into its pocket-sized 4¼" case, providing a very bright, 135-lumen white flood beam.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £1.00

  26. Nauticalia Commodore Quartz Ship's Bells Clock, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Commodore Quartz Ship's Bells Clock

    Whilst it looks all-but identical to the Commodore mechanical version, this has a high-precision battery-powered quartz movement, which (romanticism aside) doesn’t need winding up. Uses one AA battery.
    RRP: £299.00
    Saving: £20.00

  27. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast TX10 4-Colour Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast TX10 4-Colour Torch

    From its pocket-sized anodised-aluminium case, the TX10 produces a bright white flood light, red light (to preserve your night vision), and green and blue lights.
    RRP: £25.99
    Saving: £1.00

  28. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP14 Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast HP14 Torch

    The HP14 torch offers a choice of high intensity (up to 4¾hr run time) and low intensity (up to 20hr run time) beams, and both can be focussed from spot to floodlight with fingertip control.
    RRP: £64.99
    Saving: £2.00

  29. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast High Intensity Head Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast High Intensity Head Torch

    The Coast HL4 Dual Colour LED Head Torch has comfortable elastic straps and weighs in at just 125 grams with batteries. The HL4 head torch has two different LED types; 1 x Red LED to preserve your night vision and keep animals from detecting you and 5 x White LED's for general high-powered illumination.
    RRP: £22.99
    Saving: £1.00

  30. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch, Onboard Chandlery

    Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch

    The largest and most powerful in the range of Coast Torches is the HP17. The 3x D batteries* (supplied) project a massive 575-lumen beam over more than 650ft (200m) for up to 13½ hours.
    RRP: £84.99
    Saving: £2.00


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