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A Sailing book or guide can be invaluable for use in learning about sailing in general or for quick reference during journeys. At Mailspeed Marine you can buy a sailing book, navigation book or technical book for you to keep on board or for casual reading back at home. We also stock books on sail racing which are becoming evermore popular and no matter what your ability or know-how it’s important to know sailing rules. You may also be interested in our selection of boating DVD’s


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  1. Wiley Nautical East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion, Other Books

    Wiley Nautical East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion

    Classic guide to the East Coast of England from Southwold to the Swale. This is the fruit of 40 years of cruising intimacy with this coast. Full colour throughout.
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £1.00

  2. Adlard Coles Boat Interior Construction , Other Books

    Adlard Coles Boat Interior Construction

    Boat Interior Construction - For those owners who are not completely happy with the layout of their boat or who wish to fit out a new or renovated hull, this book will be a godsend.

  3. * Code of Practice Training Manual, Other Books

    * Code of Practice Training Manual

    The Code of Practice Training Manual is designed for setting out clear instructions and procedures for safety and life saving aboard commercial and charter vessels. Details and specifications of the equipment carried on board can be recorded along with service dates and any relevant qualifications of the operators plus instructions for the correct use or deployment of the equipment.

  4. * Tuning your Dinghy, Other Books

    * Tuning your Dinghy

    Tuning your Dinghy

  5. * The Winners Guide to Optimist Sailing, Other Books

    * The Winners Guide to Optimist Sailing

    The Winners Guide to Optimist Sailing

  6. * The Ships Captain's Medical Guide 22nd Edition, Other Books

    * The Ships Captain's Medical Guide 22nd Edition

    The Ships Captain's Medical Guide 22nd Edition
    RRP: £36.00
    Saving: £2.01

  7. Wiley Nautical Solent Cruising Companion, Other Books

    Wiley Nautical Solent Cruising Companion

    This covers Keyhaven to Chichester,and will prove a very worthwhile purchase. Excellent pilotage and passage informaiton is combined with informative port/harbour guides and experienced cruising information. Easy to read with full colour photos and good onshore information to.
    RRP: £24.99
    Saving: £1.00

  8. Fernhurst Fernhurst Start Sailing, Other Books

    Fernhurst Start Sailing

    Fully illustrated in colour with clear drawings and straightforward text.

  9. RYA RYA Basic Navigation, Other Books

    RYA Basic Navigation

    The latest in the RYA's popular handbook range, this title is an introduction to navigation. The book guides the reader through the basic steps of navigation so that they can learn to navigate successfully. It is therefore an absolute must for everybody, whether studying for the RYA Basic Navigation Course, or merely looking to refresh their knowledge.

  10.  Illustrated Seamanship, Other Books

    Illustrated Seamanship

    Author: Ivar Dedekham. Publisher: Wiley Nautical. A full colour, highly illustrated guide to seamanship. This book is a follow-up to the very successful Sail & Rig Tuning covering knots, docking the boat and anchoring, all illustrated in Ivar Dedekam's distinctive style and backed up with clear and simple text.

  11.  The Catamaran Book - 3rd Edition, Other Books

    The Catamaran Book - 3rd Edition

    The unique fun of catamaran sailing is in the power and acceleration – from my first sail on a cat, I knew this was the boat for me. Catamarans are the fastest of all conventional sailing craft and among the most thrilling. They are different from monohulls and however good you are in a sailing dinghy you will find you have new skills to learn when you transfer to a cat.
    RRP: £14.95
    Saving: £2.96

  12.  Protests & Appeals (Sail To Win), Other Books

    Protests & Appeals (Sail To Win)

    There's nothing sadder than winning on the water, then losing in the protest room through inexperience. This book de-mystifies the protest procedure, so you can sail with more confidence and stand up for your rights. Protests & Appeals gives clear and detailed guidance on protesting, defending a protest, requesting redress, reopening hearings, and appealing.

  13. Fernhurst Fernhurst Diesel Troubleshooter, Other Books

    Fernhurst Diesel Troubleshooter

    Most sailing vessels and motorboats have a marine diesel engine. This book will help the owner keep this vital piece of equipment going. It covers; how it works, fuel, air, cooling, lubrication, electrics, installation and winter lay up. This second edition is fully revised and now covers turbochargers and long–distance voyaging (very demanding on engines).

  14. RYA RYA G99 Sail Trim Handbook, Other Books

    RYA G99 Sail Trim Handbook

    The RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers is an all-new title and is crammed with useful tips and pointers on one of the fundamentals of good seamanship: sail trim. The book focuses more on the needs of the cruising sailor as opposed to the out-and-out racer. After all, a well-trimmed cruising yacht will be better balanced, easier to handle, and will sail more comfortably.

  15.  Heavy Weather Cruising - 2nd Edition, Other Books

    Heavy Weather Cruising - 2nd Edition

    Many sailors dread the day when they find themselves caught out at sea in a gale. But if you are well prepared and know what to do, there is no reason why heavy weather should be a nightmare.

  16. * The One Pan Galley Gourmet - Simple Cooking on Boats, Other Books

    * The One Pan Galley Gourmet - Simple Cooking on Boats

    The One-Pan Galley Gourmet has it all: one-pan simplicity; delicious recipes using fresh ingredients; advice for provisioning anywhere in the world; and plenty of spice and personality.

  17. Vintage Ben Ainslie : Close to the Wind , Other Books

    Vintage Ben Ainslie : Close to the Wind

    Autobiography of Britain's Greatest Olympic Sailor Knife-edge decisions, adrenaline rushes, extreme weather, bitter rivalries, heart-stopping races - they are all in a day's work for sailing's superman' Ben Ainslie. Ben has won successive golds in the last three Olympics, making him a British hero and our greatest Olympic sailor ever.

  18. 3M Teach Dinghy Sailing, Other Books

    3M Teach Dinghy Sailing

    Takes the coach through coaching basics from the student's point of view giving tips on how to help them understand new ideas. Includes both off the water and afloat instructions for every exercise.

  19. Adlard Coles Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook, Other Books

    Adlard Coles Skipper's Medical Emergency Handbook

    Designed to assist all who go to sea - whether on a day excursion, a holiday cruise or an even longer trip. It will provide practical advice, boost confidence, solve problems and minimise danger for all on board.

  20. Haynes Sailing Boat Manual, Other Books

    Haynes Sailing Boat Manual

    Buying, Using, Improving, Maintaining & Repairing Yachts & Small Boats. Written to cut through confusing nautical language, it gives anyone new to sailing the confidence and knowledge to buy, enjoy and maintain a sailing dinghy, day boat or small sail cruiser.

  21. Harken Ultimate Sailing Calendar, Other Books

    Harken Ultimate Sailing Calendar

    Harkens Ultimate Sailing Calendar is a collection of stunning action shots taken by top marine photographer Sharon Green covering the sailing spectrum from dinghy's and classic yachts to super maxi's and open 60's. This would be a great addition to any sailing enthusiasts office or bedroom wall.
    RRP: £14.95
    Saving: £5.96

  22. Fernhurst Ben Ainslie The Laser Campaign Manual, Other Books

    Fernhurst Ben Ainslie The Laser Campaign Manual

    Ben Ainslie's Laser Campaign Manual (including CD-ROM)The Olympic Gold Medallist Ben Ainslie here explains how to win in this most competitive class.

  23. Adlard Coles Competent Crew, Other Books

    Adlard Coles Competent Crew

    Just what the new crew member needs to digest before he sets foot on board. This best-selling textbook covers all the theory and practical aspects of the RYA Competent Crew course.

  24. Adlard Coles Astro Navigation Made Easy, Other Books

    Adlard Coles Astro Navigation Made Easy

    A modern approach to astro navigation. Includes outline of the solar system and position finding.

  25. Adlard Coles 50 Ways To Improve Your Powerboat Driving, Other Books

    Adlard Coles 50 Ways To Improve Your Powerboat Driving

    50 Ways To Improve Your Powerboat Driving, Is about practical powerboat driving in boats large and small, operating at speeds between 20 and 100 knots. In it you will find techniques that can only be picked up from experience - practical ways to make your driving safer, easier and better, whatever the conditions.

  26. Adlard Coles Ocean Cruising On A Budget, Other Books

    Adlard Coles Ocean Cruising On A Budget

    'Ocean Cruising on a Budget' has been an essential purchase for yachtsmen planning a major voyage ever since it was first published back in 1990. Pearls of wisdom are offered by author Anne Hammick, who reflects on her lifetime of experience of yachting on a budget. The guide includes practical advice on how to choose a suitable boat, locate bargain buys, assess matters of safety, manage funds on extended journeys, and how to overcome the day-to-day problems of life at sea.

  27. * Ionian 6th Ed, Other Books

    * Ionian 6th Ed

    Like its companions West Aegean and East Aegean, Ionian contains detailed information on many of the smaller harbours and anchorages that cannot be adequately covered in Rod Heikell's major guides Gre

  28. * The Canal Du Midi: A Cruisers guide, Other Books

    * The Canal Du Midi: A Cruisers guide

    The Canal du Midi is probably the most popular canal in France. Linking the Bay of Biscay with the Mediterranean, it is not only renowned for its beauty and picturesque sights.

  29. * The Offshore Race Crew's Manual, Other Books

    * The Offshore Race Crew's Manual

    By Stuart Quarrie - A&C Black (2003) Hardback Success in any yacht race depends to a large degree on the ability of the crew to perform any boat-handling manoeuvre faultlessly and speedily.

  30. * The Good Launch Guide, Other Books

    * The Good Launch Guide

    Comprehensive information about 940 British coastal and inland slipways with all the details you need to ensure that you have the best start to a great day on the water, including contact details for 365 marinas.


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