Garmin VHF Radios & Communication

Marine VHF radios are one of the most essential safety features on a boat today, whether it’s a handheld VHF or a fixed VHF radio; they are fantastic in case of emergency. A coastguard can fix your position within minutes. We stock a variety of VHF radios including ICOM, Standard Horizon and many more. You may be interested in our personal locator beacons.

  1. Cobra F300 Waterproof Handset Wireless Technology

    RRP: £49.99
    Saving: £30.00
  2. Icom M23 Buoyant VHF Marine Transceiver (IC-M23)

    RRP: £164.99
    Saving: £26.00
  3. Icom IC-M35 Buoyant Hand Held VHF

    RRP: £203.99
    Saving: £33.00


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  1. Garmin Garmin VHF 100i, VHF Radios & Communication

    Garmin VHF 100i

    The Garmin VHF 100i combines easy to use controls with a powerful 25Watt output and a great selection of features. This class D DSC radio enables you to make distress calls with the push of a button sending a digital broadcast of your mayday and the boats position to any other enaled sets within range (when connected to an appropriate GPS via NMEA 0183 interface).
    RRP: £199.99
    Saving: £20.00

  2. Garmin Garmin VHF 200i, VHF Radios & Communication

    Garmin VHF 200i

    This DSC (digital selective calling) enabled VHF from Garmin, provides the user with a high powered 25 watt broadcasting output and emergency distress calling at the push of a button. The VHF 200i comes standard with a removable speaker microphone and a built-in 20-watt public address (hailer) system that can be connected to a hailer horn or external speaker on the deck or tower.
    RRP: £299.99
    Saving: £20.00

  3. Garmin Garmin GHS 20i & GWH 20, VHF Radios & Communication

    Garmin GHS 20i & GWH 20

    The GHS 20 is a wireless remote handset allowing full control of your VHF 200, 300 or 300 AIS series¹ radio from a remote location. The simple design offers a backlit LCD display, soft keys and a rotary knob to adjust volume, squelch and channel selection.
    RRP: £299.99
    Saving: £30.00

  4. Garmin Garmin Carry Case, VHF Radios & Communication

    Garmin Carry Case

    Save your handheld GPS or FRS from some of the scuffs and scrapes it could pick up in the line of duty. This nylon carrying case protects your unit while in storage or in the field. Features a wide zippered opening and a belt loop for accessibility and portability.


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