Epifanes Varnishes, Enamel & More


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  1. Epifanes Rub Effect Varnish, Marine Varnish

    Epifanes Rub Effect Varnish

    A quick drying interior satin finish varnish. This interior finish gives superior protection against alcohol and other aggressive household chemicals. Use as a finish coat over several build up coats of Epifanes clear varnish.

  2. Epifanes Clear Varnish, Marine Varnish

    Epifanes Clear Varnish

    A clear high gloss traditional varnish, based on tung oil phenoland alkyd resin with excellent outdoor durability. Ultra violet filter protects against discolouration. For use on barewood and intact exist.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £12.00

  3. Epifanes Epiglass Wood Fibres, HT220, 175g, Epoxy & Resins

    Epifanes Epiglass Wood Fibres, HT220, 175g

    Epiglass HT220 cellulose fibre is designed for adding to glue mixes when bonding wood and especially for fillet bonding.

  4. Epifanes Teak & Tropical Varnish, Marine Varnish

    Epifanes Teak & Tropical Varnish

    A clear high gloss varnish like finish with excellent adhesion to new teak & other exotic wood; delivering a high gloss finish.

  5. Epifanes Epifanes Bootlak Yacht Enamel, Anitfoul

    Epifanes Bootlak Yacht Enamel

    The mirror -like gloss, color retrntion and intensity of enamel surpass those of traditional enamels. Its longevity, surface hardness and flexibility prove it s the ultimate finish for wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminium.


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