Fernhurst Books & Charts

Fernhurst Books & Charts

Fernhurst Books was founded in 1979 and supply a range of books covering every aspect of sailing and watersports for beginners through to expert sailors. You can find technical guides on knots, how to get the best out of your radar as well as sailing tips and how to guides. Take a look at the popular Fernhurst VHF Companion, it’s a handy guide and great value. Make sure you browse the rest of our sailing guides as we’re sure you will find something useful.


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  1. Fernhurst Fernhurst VHF Companion, Cables & Accessories

    Fernhurst VHF Companion

    This handy little book covers every type of radio call - from Mayday to calling another boat or shore station. It also covers DSC emergency calls.

  2. Fernhurst Fernhurst Diesel Troubleshooter, Other Books

    Fernhurst Diesel Troubleshooter

    Most sailing vessels and motorboats have a marine diesel engine. This book will help the owner keep this vital piece of equipment going. It covers; how it works, fuel, air, cooling, lubrication, electrics, installation and winter lay up. This second edition is fully revised and now covers turbochargers and long–distance voyaging (very demanding on engines).

  3. Fernhurst Navigation: A Newcomers Guide, Other Books

    Fernhurst Navigation: A Newcomers Guide

    This book is a simple introduction to charts, navigation, pilotage, passage planning and basic tidal calculations. It assumes no knowledge, uses informal language and great graphics to make the subject live.

  4. Fernhurst Ben Ainslie The Laser Campaign Manual, Other Books

    Fernhurst Ben Ainslie The Laser Campaign Manual

    Ben Ainslie's Laser Campaign Manual (including CD-ROM)The Olympic Gold Medallist Ben Ainslie here explains how to win in this most competitive class.

  5. Fernhurst Fernhurst Radar Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst Radar Companion

    Explains how to use the controls to get the best picture, then how to understand the display. Covers navigation and collision avoidance, with plenty of examples of radar plots. Perfect for beginners.

  6. Fernhurst Fernhurst Cruising: A Skippers Guide, Other Books

    Fernhurst Cruising: A Skippers Guide

    Handling under sail and power, passage making and crew dynamics: everything a sailing skipper needs to know.

  7. Fernhurst Fernhurst Racing Rules Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst Racing Rules Companion

    Bryan Willis - A flip-over ring-bound quick reference to all the main points of the racing rules on full colour laminated cards ideal for pocket and instant use. 24pp.

  8. Fernhurst Illustrated Navigation, Other Books

    Fernhurst Illustrated Navigation

    A pictorial manual which teaches you how to navigate in the traditional way using compass and log as well by electronic aids such as GPS, radar and chart-plotter.

  9. Fernhurst Simple Boat Maintenance, Other Books

    Fernhurst Simple Boat Maintenance

    Looks at engine stern gear, water & gas systems, heads, electrical & fuel systems, steering, winches, fibreglass, deck hardware, leaks, inflatable dinghies and tools.

  10. Fernhurst Fernhurst Radar Afloat, Other Books

    Fernhurst Radar Afloat

    This practical guide shows you how to get the best possible picture and how to interpret it.

  11. Fernhurst Knot Know How, Other Books

    Fernhurst Knot Know How

    10 knots everyone should know

  12. Fernhurst Logbooks for Cruising Under Sail - Paperback, Logbooks

    Fernhurst Logbooks for Cruising Under Sail - Paperback

    A modern sailor's log book in which all essential infomation needed to safely navigate is noted. This book is designed for use by sailing yachtsmen and allows space for electronic navigation and narrative.

  13. Fernhurst Essential Boat Electrics, Other Books

    Fernhurst Essential Boat Electrics

    Clear, concise and logical introduction to boat electrics. It is the electrics that cause most problems on boats (salt water is a harsh environment for wires and chips). This book has fantastic colour graphics to show how to keep the juice flowing from generation to consumption.

  14. Fernhurst Fernhurst Sails for Racing 2nd Edition, Other Books

    Fernhurst Sails for Racing 2nd Edition

    Shows how to develop sails that match your rig - if your sails aren't right, you simply cannot win. Sections of how sails work and how to trim them on every point of sailing. A faultfinder chapter shows how to cure all the common problems and a section on asymmetric shows how to handle this new breed of kite.

  15. Fernhurst Sails for Cruising 2nd Edition, Other Books

    Fernhurst Sails for Cruising 2nd Edition

    How to trim cruising sails, giving speed and a well-balanced boat. Using spinnakers and cruising chutes safely. Plus choice, care and repair of sails.

  16. Fernhurst Navigation Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst Navigation Companion

    This book tells the navigator how to find out where they are and how to proceed to their destination. Seamanship and navigation are the cornerstones of yacht sailing and this book covers the essentials in a small format for easy onboard use.

  17. Fernhurst Fernhurst Electrics Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst Electrics Companion

    Everything you 'switch on' consumes electricity, even the panel lights and voltmeter, add up the amp hours per day of everything you use to see what battery capacity and charging arrangements are necessary. Although the fridge is 'ON' all day, the compressor runs only as demanded by the outside temperature and the thermostat setting. All other consumptions are a guess at how long each item is used per day.

  18. Fernhurst Fernhurst Weather at Sea 4th Edition, Other Books

    Fernhurst Weather at Sea 4th Edition

    Best selling colour-illustrated basic textbook on meteorology for yachtsmen. Set book for the RYA Coastal Skipper and yachtmaster Offshore course.

  19. Fernhurst Fernhurst Coastal and Offshore Navigation, Other Books

    Fernhurst Coastal and Offshore Navigation

    Upgrade your navigation to Yachtmaster standard. This edition now also covers electronic navigation.
    RRP: £14.99
    Saving: £5.00

  20. Fernhurst The Cockpit Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst The Cockpit Companion

    A splash-resistant quick referenceguide to the lights, shapes, buoys, rules of the road, tides, flags, knots, etc. Packs a wealth of aide-memoirinfo into a compact format. Hot seller, very attractively produced in a pocket flip over stiffcard format.

  21. Fernhurst Motorboat & Yachting Logbook for Cruising under Power, Logbooks

    Fernhurst Motorboat & Yachting Logbook for Cruising under Power

    The first cruising logbook for navigators of powerboats. Suitable for both planning and displacement craft. Doubles as a visitor book.

  22. Fernhurst Wind Strategy, Other Books

    Fernhurst Wind Strategy

    This breakthrough title explains how the wind behaves on race courses, be they inland or at sea, and applies those principles to racers of smaller craft.

  23. Fernhurst Simple Boat Electrics, Other Books

    Fernhurst Simple Boat Electrics

    This is a layman's guide to the boat's electrical system. It explains how electricity is made, how it is stored and how it behaves, how the power gets about the boat, what current each appliance needs and what to do when things go wrong.

  24. Fernhurst Sail & Rig Tuning, Other Books

    Fernhurst Sail & Rig Tuning

    80 pages with more than 150 colour illustrations hopefully giving an interesting, systematic and easily accessible introduction to the art of trimming sails and rig. The aim is to make it easy to find, understand and last but not least remember the information that the reader is seeking.

  25. Fernhurst Shorthanded Sailing, Other Books

    Fernhurst Shorthanded Sailing

    Shorthanded Sailing is a practical guide for the solo sailor or shorthanded crew, covering manoeuvres, short passages and ocean crossings. This colour guide gives practical advice on manoeuvring, cruising, passage making and also getting some sleep! A book no thinking sailor should be without.

  26. Fernhurst The Essence of Cruising, Other Books

    Fernhurst The Essence of Cruising

    A little pocketbook of epigrams, bon-mots and pithy thoughts and comments on the hard facts and many delights of cruising. With its scathing humour and wry wit it?s a book to go back to again and again.

  27. Fernhurst Fernhurst Optimist Racing - 2nd Edition, Other Books

    Fernhurst Optimist Racing - 2nd Edition

    This book is about winning, you will learn the secrets of the top Optimist sailors, what gear you need, setting up the boat, boat handling, blinding speed and how your parents can help!
    RRP: £12.95
    Saving: £0.96

  28. Fernhurst Knot Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst Knot Companion

    An essential guide to tying knots in splash proof ring bound format. This full colour, clearly illustrated book covers the top 10 knots everyone should know, plus coiling and throwing a rope,and whipping to stop the end unravelling.

  29. Fernhurst Fernhurst Start Sailing, Other Books

    Fernhurst Start Sailing

    Fully illustrated in colour with clear drawings and straightforward text.

  30. Fernhurst Fernhurst The Weather Companion, Other Books

    Fernhurst The Weather Companion

    Splash resistant flip over cards, spiral bound. Ideal revision aid for the RYA courses, full colour illustrations throughout. Covers weather prediction and understanding all the terms usedin the broadcast forecasts.


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