Origo Cooking

If you are looking for a boat cooker, marine plates, cutlery or galley equipment you’re in the right place, why not have look at our extensive range of cooking equipment and accessories that will help you make the best meal you can on your boat. If you fancy cooking outside why not check out range of barbecues.


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  1. Origo Origo 4100 Stove, Cooking

    Origo 4100 Stove

    Handsome two-burner built-in marine stove. Manufactured to the highest standards in 316 Stainless steel. Can be supplied with teak cutting board or toughened glass cover. Power in Watts: 2000.
    RRP: £279.99
    Saving: £20.00

  2. Origo 3000 Cooker, Cooking

    Origo 3000 Cooker

    Completely self contained.Burns unpressurised alcohol or meths. 4.5 hours per burner per tank. Separate tanks for each burner. Non-corrosive materials. Size W464 x D275 x H137mm.
    RRP: £263.00
    Saving: £33.01

  3. Origo 1500 Cooker, Cooking

    Origo 1500 Cooker

    Single burner version of Origo 3000. Completely self contained. Burns unpressurised alcohol or meths. 4.5 Hours per bunrner per tank. Non corrosive materials. Size W236 x D262 x H137mm

  4. Origo 5100 Heatpal, Cooking

    Origo 5100 Heatpal

    An all round stove, Especially suitable for heating, but also an excellent stove for cooking. Manufactured in aluminium and stainless steel.O/A Dimensions:Width: Ø 285mm.Height: 150-285mm.

  5. Origo Origo 1500 / 3000 Gimbal Mounting, Cooking

    Origo 1500 / 3000 Gimbal Mounting

    Gimbal for Origo 1500 and 3000 stoves, helps to avoid spills and burns by keeping the cooking surface level.
    RRP: £74.99
    Saving: £5.00

  6. Origo 1500 / 3000 Pan Holder, Cooking

    Origo 1500 / 3000 Pan Holder

    Origo pan clamps to clamp your pots and pans securely on the stovetop, preventing the pots from faling and therfore avoiding spills and burns.


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