Yachticon Toilets

Here at Mailspeed Marine we stock a massive selection of boat toilets and cassette toilets, which work in a number of different ways and which are designed to meet a wide range of requirements and budgets. As well as the toilet units themselves we also stock all of the fittings and spare parts you will need from leading manufacturers such as Jabsco, TMC, Blakes Lavac Taylors and more. You may also be interested in fitting a shower so check out our all pumps and fittings.


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  1. Yachticon Purysan Ultra, Toilets

    Yachticon Purysan Ultra

    Sanitizes the holding tank to 500 litres. Super concentrate is equivalent to 1.5 litre traditional concentrates. Disinfects and helps break down waste and toilet paper. Has a clean and fresh scentEasy to measure and use. Contains no harmful formaldehyde and is more than 90% biodegradable.

  2. Yachticon Purytech Replacement Cartridge, Toilets

    Yachticon Purytech Replacement Cartridge

    Cleans and de-odorises inletwater.Clean fresh smell.400 flushes per refill.Easily fitted to 13mm and 19mmhoses.

  3. Yachticon Yachticon Aqua Clean - 100ml, Toilets

    Yachticon Aqua Clean - 100ml

    A great drinking water additive.Purifies and keeps drinking watergerm free and safe for up to 6months.Contains no harsh chlorine.One bottle lasts up to a fullseason.

  4. Yachticon Clean a tank, Toilets

    Yachticon Clean a tank

    Removes calcified deposits in your water tank and system. Improves taste and odour. Uses natural citric acid.Use when calcified deposits block your drinking system. Use before Pura Tank to kill algae and germs. Follow with Aqua Clean for purification and long term storage.

  5. Yachticon Pura Tank - 500ml, Toilets

    Yachticon Pura Tank - 500ml

    Cleanses and disinfects watertanks, pipes and pumps. Kills algae and harmful bacteria. Neutral in taste and odour.


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