Harris Paint Brushes, Paint Application & Accessories

Harris Paint Brushes, Paint Application & Accessories

Established in 1928, Harris are world leaders in the manufacture of decorating products. Made from the finest materials and designed to achieve the best possible finish, it’s clear to see why Harris is the first choice for many sailors and decorators of all purposes around the world. Take a look at our great selection of paint applications, such as Harris Paint Brushes on Mailspeed Marine.


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  1. Harris Stripping Knife, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Stripping Knife

    Soft-moulded Sure Grip handles for a secure comfortable grip. Hardened steel blades.

  2. Harris Harris Set of 3 Dust Masks, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Set of 3 Dust Masks

    Harris Set of 3 Dust Masks FFP2

  3. Harris Reach Brush 1.5", Paint Brushes

    Harris Reach Brush 1.5"

    Harris Taskmasters Range Angled Reach Brush Perfect for detailed work Long handle with angled head for hard to reach places Size: 1.5" / 38mm
    RRP: £4.20
    Saving: £0.21

  4. Harris Deck Brush, Deck Brushes & Mops

    Harris Deck Brush

    Wooden Stiff Bristle Deck Scrub head available in 9’’ size. For use with Push Fit wooden handle.

  5. Harris Set Of 5 Paint Brushes, Paint Brushes
  6. Harris Orange  Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris Orange Brushes

    Harris Orange Brushes - New Suitable for Paints and Varnishes. A blend of quality natural bristle and synthetic filaments for a smooth finish
    RRP: £7.95
    Saving: £3.75

  7. Harris Assorted Steel Wool, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Assorted Steel Wool

    Harris Steel Wool 3 Roll Pack Assorted High quality glasspaper sheets for preperation work prior to painting.

  8. Harris Combination Shavehook, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Combination Shavehook

    Ergonomic handle, with gel pads for added comfort, sharp blade.
    RRP: £3.50
    Saving: £0.51

  9. Harris Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeve, Rollers & Handles

    Harris Emulsion Mini Roller Sleeve

    Mini-rollers are good fo painting doors, trim and other diffucult areas. sets are a great way to offer key in a good value and convenient manner. Sleeves are available in a range of high quality mat
    RRP: £3.99
    Saving: £2.00

  10. Harris Sponge, Sponges & Mitts

    Harris Sponge

    Sponge for wiping down walls prior to painting or wiping out grout or general cleaning Synthetic material for large water retention and durability
    RRP: £1.99
    Saving: £1.00

  11. Harris Mini Hacksaw, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Mini Hacksaw

    Utility mini hacksaw for difficult to get to areas. Fitted with a backstop for safe handling whilst in use. Cutting capacity is 35mm Overall length 250mm
    RRP: £29.50
    Saving: £25.51

  12. Harris Harris Paint Removing Tool, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Paint Removing Tool

    This Harris product is a part of the comprehensive range of top quality decorating products manufactured to the highest standards, using only the finest materials.

  13. Harris Harris Classic Paint Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris Classic Paint Brushes

    Classic Paint Brushes. Nickel plated ferrule,pure bristle, hardwood handle.
    RRP: £7.95
    Saving: £4.96

  14. Harris Deck Brush - Wooden Handle, Deck Brushes & Mops

    Harris Deck Brush - Wooden Handle

    Wooden handle for the Harris Deck Brush Heads.

  15. Harris Roller Handle - 7", Rollers & Handles

    Harris Roller Handle - 7"

    Handle to suit 7" or 9" roller sleeves.
    RRP: £4.99
    Saving: £2.00

  16. Harris 3 Artist Brushes, Paint Brushes

    Harris 3 Artist Brushes

    Assorted brushes for fine detail paintwork, crafts and hobbies.

  17. Harris Chisel Knife, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Chisel Knife

    1.½". Hardened and tempered steel blades. Through rivet design for strength and durability. Finest quality hardwood handle.

  18. Harris Disposable Boiler Suit, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Disposable Boiler Suit

    Coverall Disposable.Breathable fabric with zip front, elasticated hood, cuffs and ankles, for protection against dust and paint, ideal for decorating, loft insulations, spray painting and general tack.

  19. Harris Flexible Sanding Block, Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Flexible Sanding Block

    High quality glasspaper sheets for preperation work prior to painting. Flexible sanding blocks are great for difficult areas and achieve a neat finish on uneven surfaces.

  20. Harris Long Life Tungsten Scraper Blades , Sanding & Painting Accessories

    Harris Long Life Tungsten Scraper Blades

    Long life tungsten carbide blades can last up to 100 times longer than traditional steel blades.
    RRP: £7.99
    Saving: £2.00

  21. Harris Paint Kettle, Paint Brushes

    Harris Paint Kettle

    6 inch wide, 2 litre holding capacity. Suitable for use with all paints & varnishes.

  22. Harris Harris Ratchet Screwdriver, Connectors & Bulbs

    Harris Ratchet Screwdriver

    Harris Ratchet Screwdriver. Handy for those tough to get screws. Rotation direction can be reversed by simply twisted the base of the shaft.
    RRP: £6.99
    Saving: £1.00

  23. Harris Harris Builders Bucket, Buckets

    Harris Builders Bucket

    Builders Bucket 15 Litres. 3 Gallon plastic builders bucket with strong metal loop handle with plastic grip and pouring lip. Ideal for mixing fillers, adhesives or general purpose use.


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