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Choosing the Best Life Jacket

lifejacketsChoosing the right life jacket for the type of sailing you are doing is important. There are many brands you can choose from including Crewsaver, Lalizas, Mailspeed Marine, Ocean Safety, Secumar and Spinlock. You must take the necessary safety precautions so that if you end up in the water you can stay afloat however close to rescue you might be.

Types of Life Jacket

Offshore Life Jacket – this life jacket is best for use in open or rough water away from the shoreline. This jacket will keep you safe for a long period of time until rescue reaches you. These lifejackets have lots of benefits including keeping you afloat the best, they are a highly visible colour and if you are unconscious then the jacket should keep you face up so you don’t drown. The only real disadvantage of this life jacket is that it is quite bulky.

Near-shore Buoyant Vest – this type of life jacket is good for inland water where the conditions are calm and the rescue should be fast. These life jackets only turn some people face up in the water when unconscious so it is not as good as the offshore jacket if you have been injured. The near-shore buoyant vest is however more comfortable to wear and less bulky than the offshore jacket.

Flotation Aid – this is very good for conscious users on inland water where they can be rescued quickly. Floatation aids are available in many styles like vests and floatation coats. These lifejackets are easily the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This is not good enough when used in the sea, if rough water occurs then the wearers face will become submerged.