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Getting Your Boat Ready for the New Season

•    First, check that the engine is working properly. You should have winterised the motor last season, but you will still need to carry out some checks. Change the oil and filter, the lubricating parts and do some boat cleaning on the spark plugs.

•    Connections from the gas tank should be checked for wear and tear, or cracks that could have developed in storage. Make any necessary replacements. Start the new season with fresh fuel.

•    Ensure that batteries have good power. These will need to be charged separately if you do have two. Boat cleaning so that any grimy build-up is removed, will be a good idea for general boat maintenance. Replace wires and replenish electrical tape.

•    Make sure that all safety equipment is fully stocked up and in order. First aid kits should be topped up and extra tools and supplies included.

•    A thorough boat cleaning will be necessary to make sure that everything is ready and works properly. You may also want to consider painting a boat before the season. This will have it looking its best and will protect the exterior. When painting a boat, clean the outside first. Then apply a coat of a good primer and fill any gaps up. Then, using a good marine paint, apply two coats with a roller and then a brush for a good finish. When painting a boat, there are different options depending on the condition of your vessel.