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How to Clean Life Jackets

Sailing life jackets
are extremely important in boat safety and could save your life whilst out on the water should any accidents occur. Life jackets should be properly maintained and cleaned so that they are as functional as possible. Where possible, a life jacket should be cleaned after every use, particularly when it has come into contact with lots of water. See the following guide on cleaning your life vest.

•    Put down some tarp or plastic sheeting on the ground outside and place your life jacket on it.

•    Mix some mild detergent and water in a bucket and soak both sides of the life vest thoroughly.

•    Use a sponge to scrub down life jackets, making sure to remember to pay attention to the buckles and straps too. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to sailing life jackets when cleaning.

•    With a hose, spray the soap off the life jacket until all suds are gone.

•    To dry, hang up life jackets in a well ventilated area. Make sure not to hang them near a heater or direct sunlight as this heat can damage the life vest.