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2014-07-30 13:02:00

Sailing Gloves Buying Guide

Tips and advice for buying sailing gloves. If you're looking to invest in a reliable pair of sailing gloves, this guide provides some useful information on how this type of sailing clothing can benefit you whilst on board your boat.


2014-08-11 14:29:14

Crewsaver Lifejackets Guide

Crewsaver lifejackets continue to lead the way and push the boundaries of lifejacket manufacture and design. The quality remains in line with industry standards and some say they are the best life jackets around.


2014-08-11 14:33:07

Dinghies and Outboard Packages – What to Buy

Information on the different dinghies and outboard packages available on the marine market.


2014-07-30 12:55:26

A Guide to Antifouling Paint

A guide to some of the best antifouling paint and systems to protect your vessel from damage.


2014-07-30 11:51:38

Guide to Marine Refrigeration

Marine refrigeration is used for keeping foodstuff products good and fresh. Boat fridges can be used for keeping the crew’s food fresh, as well as storing certain liquids that need to be kept cool.


2014-07-30 12:55:53

A Guide to International Paints

Information about some of the boat paints offered by one of the best manufacturers, International Paints. This includes details of antifouling paint and primer.


2014-07-30 11:47:17

Buoyancy Aids Safety Information

Find out buoyancy aids safety information in this article. Learn all about buying a safe buoyancy aid in this article.


2014-07-30 11:55:27

Inflatable Boats Buying Guide

There are currently many manufactures and models of inflatable boats for sale. Inflatable boats are no longer restricted to small dinghy boats in size but you can buy inflatables which range up to 45ft in length or sometimes even longer.


2014-07-30 11:46:13

Dinghies: Five Great Accessories

There are lots of accessories available for dinghy boats that can improve your boating experience. Some accessories for dinghies for sale are purely functional whilst others are intended to improve the comfort and usability of the dinghy boats. Read on to find out more about the top five accessories for dinghy boats.


2014-07-30 11:59:44

Buoyancy Aids Best Buys

Guide to buoyancy aids and details of a selection of some of the best available on the market.


2014-07-30 12:56:22

A Guide to Outboard Boat Engines

Information on a range of outboard boat engines available on the market today. Including details on Honda, Suzuki and Torqeedo.


2014-07-30 12:55:01

Upgrade Your Boat Toilet

If you are looking to buy a boat toilet, there are several issues that you need to consider. Learn more about boat toilets in this informative guide.


2014-07-30 12:00:17

Dinghy Repair Accessories

Guide to accessories needed for dinghy repair. Find out some of our recommendations for dinghy boat repair accessories.


2014-07-30 12:52:31

A Guide to the VHF Radio

A guide on what to look out for when buying your VHF radio. Information about what this boat equipment is and how to find the best VHF radio for you.


2014-08-06 14:01:44

How to Use Flares

Sailing flares are an essential piece of kit for everyone who intends to go sailing. Read on to find out more about how to use emergency flares.


2014-08-06 11:16:12

Crewsaver Buoyancy Aids

Looking around online for buoyancy aids for sale? One of the most reputable manufacturers of buoyancy aids to the marine market is Crewsaver, and you can find a number of Crewsaver buoyancy aids for sale on Mailspeed Marine.


2014-07-30 12:53:06

VHF Radio Operating Procedure

Learn about marine VHF operating procedure in this article. VHF radios can prove an essential purchase for anyone looking to make the most of a boating hobby.


2014-07-30 12:57:06

Accessories for Boat Fenders

A list of some of the essential accessories needed to make sure your boat fenders do their job properly and last as long as possible.


2014-08-06 14:59:35

Advice on Marine Paint

A look at marine paint and what its uses are. This includes details on boat paint, polish and antifouling paint for boats.


2014-07-30 11:48:10

How to Buy Kayaks

There are a number of ways to buy a kayak, you can buy a new kayak for extra peace of mind or you could buy used kayaks to save some money. Read on to find out how to buy a kayak.


2014-07-30 11:48:36

Honda Outboard Engines

Guide to Honda outboard engines for those looking to buy these top quality engines and accessories.


2014-07-30 13:04:03

A Guide to Outboard Engines

Outboard engines have been used on small boats for decades and an outboard engine is a very good and cost effective way of powering a boat...


2014-08-06 13:23:17

How to Use Admiralty Charts

Learn about admiralty charts in this informative guide.  For tips and advice on navigation charts, read this article.


2015-02-17 16:52:07

Boat Antifouling Guide

Advice guide to antifouling paint and making sure your boat is fully protected. Including steps from start to finish on applying antifouling paint.


2014-08-11 14:48:46

How to Buy Life Jackets for Children

Life jackets are of vital importance for anybody who is on or near the water but even more so for children. Read on to find out about sailing life jackets for children.


2014-07-30 12:57:34

Boat Fenders Accessories Guide

Details on the different kinds of accessories needed to maintain and protect boat fenders. Information on the products available to ensure your boat fenders remain in great working condition.


2014-08-07 10:38:00

Different Types of Life Jackets

Modern life jackets come in a variety of different forms, from a life vest meant for watersport and inland waterway use to sailing life jackets that are capable of keeping people afloat in serious offshore water. Read on to find out more about sailing life jackets.


2014-08-07 10:44:20

How do Life Jackets Work?

There are different types of life jackets that you can buy and they work in different ways. This article will talk about life jackets and buoyancy life vests and how they work and save lives.


2014-07-30 11:33:15

Top 10 Boat Shoes

A guide to 10 of the best boat shoes for men and women currently available on the marine marketplace.


2014-07-30 11:42:19

How Outboard Engines Work

Learn how outboard engines work in this guide. For tips on how to start outboard boat engines, read this article.


2014-07-30 12:57:57

Boat Fenders Buying Guide

A look at some of the best boat fenders available for a range of purposes and boat types. This includes details on a range of brands for boat fenders.


2014-08-07 10:34:20

Information on Buying Lifejackets

Lifejackets are there to help save lives it is extremely important that you wear one before it is too late.


2014-08-11 14:45:46

Marine Toilets - Maintenance and Servicing

Modern marine toilets require hardly any maintenance but it is at your own risk if you do not do the simple marine toilet maintenance tasks that are required.


2014-07-30 11:44:38

Henri Lloyd Clothing - Five Best Buys

Henry Lloyd clothes are extremely popular for yachting enthusiasts, as this guide demonstrates.


2014-07-30 13:03:37

Checking Marine Safety Equipment

Marine safety should be of paramount importance and you should check marine safety equipment regularly. Marine safety checks should be part of your routine before you head out boating and this guide outlines some of the marine safety checks you should carry out.


2014-08-06 15:21:11

Learning Sailing Guide

If you want to learn sailing then there are a number of skills which you will be required to learn. If you want to start sailing then this article is for you as it will outline all of the basic stuff you need to know including safety gear, equipment, sailing laws and regulations.


2014-07-30 13:02:47

A Guide to Distress Flares

A distress flare is an excellent way of signalling for help in the event of an emergency or to simply warn other boats of your presence. This article provides more essential information about flares.


2014-08-06 15:16:55

Keeping Valuables Dry at Sea

Information on how to keep your valuables dry at sea. Accessories such as an aquapac and a waterproof bag can prove useful in keeping items dry, as this guide explains.


2014-07-30 12:58:23

Boat Fenders Guide

A guide to some of the best boat fenders available. Including details of boat fender accessories to protect your equipment.


2014-07-30 11:42:59

Choosing Outboard Engines

Outboard engines are hugely important when using a wide variety of different boats and dinghies. Outboard engines can be found in very small versions that produce between 2 and 5hp all the way up to hugely powerful outboards that can produce upwards of 300hp.


2014-08-06 15:07:33

Boat Paint Advice

Information about boat paint and all the different types needed in order to maintain your boat properly. Find out what applications are required to give the best protection and look to your boat.


2014-07-30 11:37:53

Marina Wear For Him

If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, this guide should provide you with some ideas on the best smart evening marina wear currently available on the market.


2014-07-30 11:44:08

Choosing Offshore Sailing Clothing

Offshore sailing requires some specific sailing clothing because of the potentially harsh conditions that you will face. When you are sailing offshore, all of your sailing gear needs to be waterproof, windproof, extremely warm and finally hard wearing. To find out how to choose the best offshore sailing gear, read on.


2014-07-30 12:58:51

Buying Boat Fenders

A guide to a range of boat fenders available to suit different needs from various boating brands.


2014-07-30 11:33:43

Top 10 Musto Sailing Items

Musto is one of the most reliable sailing brands operating in the marketplace. Learn about 10 of the best Musto accessories in this guide.


2014-07-30 12:59:15

Buying Inflatable Dinghy Spares

Details on different types of dinghy parts that are often needed to maintain or repair inflatable boats.


2014-07-30 11:43:29

Flares - Best Buys

Even if you are sailing in shore waters you should have distress flares on board. Never go sailing without emergency flares it just isn’t worth the risk.


2014-07-30 11:36:13

On Board Boat Storage

The nature of a boat means that a lot of marine storage needs to be secured to something to stop it going overboard. On a boat, on board storage space can be at a premium. This guide outlines some useful boat storage solutions.


2014-07-30 12:59:42

Children's Crewsaver Life Jackets

See the following guide to Crewsaver sailing life jackets for children for some of the best products available today to keep your kids safe on the water.


2014-07-30 11:39:10

Multi Use GPS Product Guide

Modern technology is a marvellous thing – and there are plenty of multi use GPS products to tempt you on the market. For information on GPS driving, GPS sailing and GPS leisure devices, read this guide.


2014-07-30 12:53:30

Choosing the Best Dinghy

How to find inflatable dinghies to suit you and your needs.


2014-07-30 11:45:20

Henri Lloyd Offshore Jackets and Suits

Henri Lloyd offshore guide to jackets and suits. A selection of our recommendations.


2014-07-30 13:00:07

Choosing the Best GPS

Guide to choosing the best GPS system for your navigation needs.


2014-07-30 11:37:21

Top 5 Sailing Gloves

A guide to five of the best sailing gloves available to buy on the marine marketplace right now.


2014-07-30 11:36:43

Marine Waterproofs Guide

The best way to ensure you don’t get too hot or cold is to wear sailing multi layers. This guide outlines some of the best base layer and middle layer sailing clothes that can be bought.


2014-08-07 10:23:04

Sailing Buoyancy Aids Advice

Buoyancy aids are designed to keep people afloat if they end up in the water unintentionally. Buoyancy aids should allow the people wearing them to have unrestricted movement as they are generally used for water sporting activities.


2014-07-30 11:32:42

Top 5 Sailing Jackets

A guide to five of the best sailing jackets currently available on the marine marketplace.


2014-07-30 11:38:33

Marina Look for Her

Find out what's fashionable for women at the marina with this handy guide.


2014-07-30 11:34:15

Suzuki Outboard Engines

Find out about Suzuki outboard engines in this guide. If you’re interested in buying Suzuki boat engines and outboard parts, this article should help.


2014-07-30 11:34:43

Life Jackets for Sale

Here at Mailspeed Marine we stock a variety of lifejackets from Crewsaver lifejackets to children’s lifejackets. Read on to find out more about the range of life jackets available.


2014-07-30 11:27:24

Sailing Boots Guide

A look at some of our recommendations for sailing boots.


2014-07-30 12:53:55

Choosing the best Marine Hatches

Guide to finding the right marine hatch for your own needs.


2014-07-30 11:25:05

Kayak Buying Guide

There are different types of kayak available for different uses and it is important to buy the correct kayak for you, read on to find out more about buying a kayak from a kayaks sale.


2014-07-30 13:00:31

Choosing the best sailing boots

Guide to choosing the best sailing boots, including details on a selection of boots available on the market from great brands.


2014-07-30 12:54:29

Choosing the Right Boat Anchor

Tips on how to choose the best boat anchor for your needs, including details on a selection of boat anchors available to buy from Mailspeed Marine.


2014-07-30 11:25:31

Top 5 Sailing Clothing Buys

A top 5 run down of some of our favourite sailing clothing buys available now.


2014-07-30 11:25:54

Outboard Bracket Best Buys

Learn about the best outboard brackets on the market in this guide. If you’re looking for an outboard motor jacket, this guide should help.


2014-07-30 11:26:21

Outboard Boat Engines: 4 Top Buys

Find 4 top outboard boat engines currently available on the market in this informative guide


2014-07-30 11:26:53

Top 5 Deck Shoes

A top 5 run down of some of our deck shoes recommendations.


2014-07-30 11:27:49

Musto Clothing Guide

Guide to Musto clothing for all conditions and body parts.


2014-07-30 11:16:41

Our FREE Gill Gift To You!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Gill to offer you a fantastic free gift, just to say Merry Christmas! We are giving away our very popular Gill dry bags when you spend just £50 on our Gill collection.


2014-07-30 13:01:11

Types of Boat Fenders

For anyone looking to ensure appropriate boat care through to the long term, boat fenders can make all the difference. Learn why boat fenders can come in useful in this guide.


2014-07-30 11:28:18

The Best Henri Lloyd Clothing Buys

Some of our recommendations for Henri Lloyd clothing.


2014-07-30 12:43:45

Crewsaver Life Jackets for Children

Guide to some of the best Crewsaver life jackets for children available today.


2014-07-30 11:28:49

The Best Boat Shoes

Guide to some of the best boat shoes available today for men and women.


2014-08-11 14:56:52

Painting Boat Guide

Guide to marine paint detailing how to paint a boat properly so that you can maintain your vessel and keep it looking fresh.


2014-07-30 11:21:52

Life Jackets: Crewsaver 190N Zipped Plus

A guide to the Crewsaver Crewfit 190N Zipped Plus life jackets for sale.


2015-02-25 10:18:56

Top Tips for Marine Maintenance

Boat maintenance can be very time consuming but if you love your boat and want to keep it in tip top condition then the steps given  are a guide to marine maintenance that you will need to carry out on a regular basis.


2014-08-07 10:18:44

The Importance of Marine VHF

The range of marine VHF technology is vast and incorporates simple handheld marine vhf all the way up to complex marine vhf systems that cost thousands of pounds. To find out more about marine VHF, read on.


2014-07-30 12:42:05

How to Find the Right Lifejacket

A sensible lifejacket can be the difference between life and death. Learn how to choose the right lifejacket in this guide.


2014-07-30 11:17:37

Win a Garmin GTU 10 Tracker

Get your hands on the NEW Garmin GTU 10 Tracker worth £179.99, just in time for Christmas! It's quick and easy to enter so give it a go!


2014-07-30 11:29:33

Life Jackets for Children

Guide to lifejackets for children. It's important to ensure kids are kept safe around the water, so see our recommendations for some great children's life jackets.


2014-07-30 12:46:39

Choosing the Best Handheld VHF

Having a handheld VHF on board when sailing is very wise. They offer a good way to send and receive messages should the main marine VHF fail. There are quite a few different types of Handheld VHF from different companies such as Cobra, Icom and Nexus. They all differ slightly so it is important to know what VHF you will want to buy.


2014-07-30 12:42:43

How to Fit Life Jackets

When you're buying a life jacket, it's vital to take some time to think about the fit. An ill-fitting lifejacket will be no use to you in the event of a serious accident, as this guide explains.


2014-07-30 11:30:28

Top 3 Boat Fenders

Guide to boat fenders and a selection of 3 great buys.


2014-07-30 12:47:14

Base Layer Clothing Guide

It is essential that when you are out sailing that you regulate your body temperature so you stay comfortable and are able to work efficiently. Conditions at sea change quickly so you should always be prepared. If you wear a base layer with mid layer clothing then you will be able to take other layers on and off as you please.


2014-07-30 11:18:51

Buying Foul Weather Gear

Many sailors don’t let wind and rain get in the way of jumping on board their boats and getting out to sea. If you do plan to use your boat during the colder months it’s a good idea to get kitted out with sailing clothing that is specifically designed to provide full protection against the most extreme conditions.


2014-07-30 11:22:25

Orca Bay Ladies Boat Shoes Review

A tried and tested review of the Orca Bay Ladies Boat Shoes available at Mailspeed Marine.


2014-07-30 12:39:32

Fishfinders: Five Main Benefits

One of the most highly coveted of all boating accessories for the dedicated yachtsman is a fishfinder. Learn more about the advantages of buying fishfinders in this article.


2014-07-30 11:30:52

Plastimo Boat Fenders Guide

Guide to a selection of Plastimo boat fenders available today.


2014-08-06 14:53:22

Getting Your Boat Ready for the New Season

Good boat maintenance is essential before the start of a new boating season. Even if your boat was in good working order at the end of last season, there will still be important checks to be carried out.


2014-08-26 11:54:14

Taking Care of Life Jackets

Life jackets are one of, if not the most important items of safety device on any vessel and great care should be taken to ensure that all sailing life jackets are kept in tip top condition, not only because they are expensive but a life jacket is depended on to save somebody’s life in an emergency.


2014-07-30 11:23:31

Ladies Deck Shoes Review

Deck shoes are both functional and fashionable in today's world, and they can be worn by both men and women. So whether you are after boat shoes for sailing purposes, or you fancy a nice pair of stylish and comfortable shoes, check out this guide to ladies' boat shoes for more information.


2014-07-30 11:31:34

Musto Clothing: 5 Best Buys

Musto clothing offers fantastic quality in terms of water proofing, warmth and manufacturing quality. To find out our top 5 best buys on Musto clothing, read on.


2014-07-30 11:24:10

Plastimo Merchandise: Four Great Buys

Find out about five great products from Plastimo UK in this article. You can find these and other Plastimo products on Mailspeed Marine.


2015-01-28 13:53:53

Get your boat set for winter

Winterisation will help to protect the controls and electrics in your engine, incase any damp creeps in from the wet weather. Damp can also creep into the inside of the boat, so it’s important that your furnishings are protected, preventing nasty smells and possible mould.


2014-07-30 12:43:14

Boat Preparation

Boat preparation is very important part of boat maintenance. Preparing your boat might take time when you would rather be out sailing the seas but it is essential you take the time to do the maintenance work first for your own personal safety and reassurance. This article should help you with marine preparation and give you a checklist of things you might forget to do.


2014-07-30 12:39:57

Guide to Boat Heating

Boat heaters come in a number of different forms depending on individual needs. Keeping warm in your boat can be made much simpler with the use of a good cabin heater. For information on some of the best boat heaters on today’s market, see the following guide.


2014-07-30 12:47:53

Finding Fishfinders For Sale

Buying fishfinders for the very first time? This guide takes a look at some of the best fishfinders available on the marketplace.


2014-07-30 12:40:21

Benefits of Boat Fenders

Learn about the benefits of boat fenders in this guide. Find boat fenders for sale in this article.


2014-07-30 12:40:44

About Outboard Engines

Outboard engines are the primary type of boat engines used on small boats such as dinghies. This guide offers some basic information about outboard engines and outboard parts.


2014-07-30 12:48:21

Torqeedo Outboard Engines

Buying guide to Torqeedo outboard engines. Information on the benefits and details on a selection of outboard engines from Torqeedo.


2014-07-30 12:41:10

A Guide to Using Flares

Emergency flares are essential to anybody that intends to go out sailing, whether it is around the world or simply on an inshore lake, if something goes wrong, distress flares can make the difference between life and death. Sailing flares for sale vary depending on their intended use but the principal of emergency flares remains the same, that is, to enable a boat in distress to attract the attention of rescuers.


2014-07-30 12:48:47

Top Inflatable Dinghy Buys

Inflatable boats come in a number of sizes and forms depending on the users’ needs and purposes. Certain materials and structures of each inflatable boat will suit particular requirements better.


2014-07-30 12:41:39

Outboard Bracket Guide

Information about outboard brackets as apparatus to attach your outboard engines to your vessels.


2014-07-30 12:49:18

Top Buoyancy Aids

Information on buoyancy aids and a selection of some of the best ones available today.


2014-08-06 14:56:23

How to Clean Life Jackets

Do you need to know how to clean sailing life jackets? This guide outlines some vital tips on this important boat safety and comfort issue.


2014-07-30 12:49:58

Ocean Boat Fenders Guide

Ocean is one of the largest boat fender manufacturers, producing many different types of fender products for all situations. See the following guide for details on a selection of Ocean marine fenders for more information.


2014-07-30 12:32:23

Gill Buoyancy Aids Guide

Guide to some of the best buoyancy aids made by Gill.


2014-07-30 12:33:40

A Guide to Whale Pumps

Find out why whale pumps are so important for boating enthusiasts and what some of the best ones are to buy.


2014-07-30 12:34:25

Baltic Buoyancy Aids Guide

Guide to Baltic buoyancy aids.


2014-07-30 12:03:39

Anchor Marine Fenders Guide

Learn about boat fenders in this article. Anchor marine fenders could prove an essential purchase, as this guide explains.


2014-07-30 12:34:55

Top 5 Accessories for Inflatable Dinghy Repair

Learn about the accessories you can buy for inflatable dinghy repairs in this article. If you are looking to repair a dinghy boat this guide should prove useful.


2014-08-11 14:52:41

Removing Mould from Life Jackets

Find out how to keep your life jackets clean and free of mould with this guide.


2014-08-06 14:32:42

How to Restore Wooden Boat Seats

Boat maintenance guide to restoring your old wooden boat seats so they look as good as new.


2014-08-06 14:23:13

How to Winterise Outboard Engines

Guide to outboard boat engines and how you can prepare yours for the winter period of storage.


2014-07-30 12:35:21

Boat Fenders - Best Buys

Guide to some of the different types of boat fenders that are available to protect your boat in various spots.


2014-08-06 14:28:21

How to Clean Mouldy Boat Seats

Boat maintenance tips on cleaning your boat seats and making sure they are free of mould.


2014-07-30 12:35:47

Bow Fenders Guide

This marine fenders guide will focus on a few different types of bow fenders to explain how they differ in price and function.


2014-08-06 14:36:07

How to Remove Mould from Life Jackets

Find out how you can keep your life jackets clean and free from mould with this guide.


EPIRB or SPOT Safety Equipment?

This guide compares and contrasts the differences between EPIRB and SPOT safety equipment.  Safety should be a top priority for any yachtsman, as this article explains.


2014-07-30 11:56:37

Choosing the Best Boat Clothing

Tips and advice for choosing appropriate boating wear. As conditions can be interchangeable out to sea, it's always sensible to have a wide range of boating clothing available to hand.


2014-07-30 11:52:01

Choosing the Best Life Raft

Browsing online for boating accessories? A life raft can be a shrewd investment, particularly for the dedicated yachtsman spending hours at a time in unpredictable weather conditions. Learn about life rafts in this informative guide.


2014-07-30 11:54:37

Choosing the Best Sailing Watch

A sailing watch isn't just a fashion statement - it can also prove an essential purchase, particularly for those who regularly take part in competitive sailing action, as this article explains.


2014-07-30 11:57:49

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Make Dad feel special this Father’s Day by browsing our guide to marine gifts. After all, the old man does deserve a small token of your appreciation once in while. Show your gratitude by considering some of these gifts from Mailspeed Marine…


2014-07-30 11:55:03

Choosing the Best Fixed VHF

It is important to know what you want and what you need from a marine VHF so that you spend your money wisely. This guide outlines some of the different fixed VHF sets that are on the market.


2014-07-30 11:49:02

Choosing the Best Life Jacket

Even if you are a very strong swimmer you need to wear a life jacket just in case. This article will outline the standard types of lifejackets and which ones are best for which boating activities.


2014-07-30 11:58:29

Choosing the Best Boat Winch

Boat winches are amongst the most important accessories to buy for anyone looking to start the hobby of boating. Read this guide for more information on the best boat and anchor winches currently available on the market.


2014-07-30 11:49:41

Choosing the Best Boat Kitchen Equipment

Many boats have kitchens and they will need furnishing with onboard kitchen equipment. It needs to be fairly compact because a lot of boat kitchens are fairly small. This guide points out some of the best boat kitchen equipment on the market.


2014-07-30 11:53:42

Children and Dinghy Sailing

There are sailing courses for children but you can also use dinghy sailing as an opportunity to have a family adventure. This article will advise you on some children’s dinghy safety advice.


2014-07-30 11:51:07

Guide to Cabin Heaters

Sometimes it can get a little bit nippy when you’re out in your boat, so purchasing cabin heaters could make a big difference. For more information on boat heaters, read this guide.


2014-07-30 11:19:16

Fishing Equipment Guide

Fishing is a hobby that is a fundamental part of sea side living, and is a great way to spend an afternoon out on your boat. This guide will run you through the basic equipment for fishing.


2014-07-30 11:19:46

Sharx shoes review: Functional and stylish

Review of Sharx EVA moulded boat shoes, perfect for watersports or on land. Find out more about these high-performance boating shoes.


2014-08-06 12:52:54

Kayaking Safety Rules

Kayaking, like other boating disciplines, should be done responsibly to avoid injury or other danger. You will enjoy your sport more if you are well prepared. Read about some basic rules to help you plan your kayaking outings.


2014-07-30 11:20:20

Hempel Epoxy Primer Boat Paint Review

Review of Hempel Epoxy Primer Undercoat Boat Paint, suitable for application below and above the waterline. We tell you how to apply for best results.


2014-08-06 15:10:09

Using Antifouling Paint on Boats

Antifouling is an essential part of routine boat care. If you want to ensure your boat looks the part whatever the weather, learn more about antifouling in this guide.


2014-11-05 11:59:16

Top 10 Winterising Must Haves This Season

During these cold, dark and dangerous winter months, unless you are lucky enough to live in tropical climate, you are not going to be seeing a lot of your boat. Therefore you are going to want to make sure that your boat is protected whilst it is in storage this winter. Unless you take proper precautions you could end up having to shell out for repairs which were fully preventable only if you had taken proper care of your boat. Here at Mailspeed Marine we have come up with a list of the top ten essentials you need to make sure that your boat is in optimal condition once you are ready to get back out on the water.


2014-11-05 11:59:01

Popular Inshore Jackets This Season

Here at Mailspeed Marine we are able to offer you a superb selection of sailing clothing that has been expertly crafted to stand up to the toughest conditions. We are proud to be able to offer this durable clothing that is of the highest quality. As you know, Shore clothing is suitable for everyday activities when you are out on the water and offers you unrivalled protection from wind and rain, and of course, is made from fully waterproof materials. Even if you are not a keen mariner a shore jacket is still an excellent purchase and can be used when you are out and about in town or for when you are out in the countryside. A shore jacket really is a highly versatile piece of clothing which will last you for years and years. So, sit back, relax and browse through our selection of shore jackets.


2014-11-05 11:57:41

Bargain Sailing Jackets on Mailspeed Marine

Here at Mailspeed Marine we are delighted to be able to offer you massive savings on a wide selection of inshore jackets. We also guarantee that if you find a cheaper price elsewhere for one of our jackets, we will match it! So, here you are, sit back and relax and take a look through our unbeatable offers on sailing jackets!


2014-11-05 11:57:18

A Review Of This Season's Sailing Boots

As we get deeper and deeper into the dark days of winter, the sunnier spring days begin to seem further and further away. So, why not look forward to spring and cheer yourself up with a new pair of sailing boots?


2014-11-06 15:28:09

A Guide to Essential Marine Tools & Marine Torches

When you are out on the water it is important to know that you are prepared for whatever challenges you may face. That is why it is essential to equip yourself with suitable marine tools; including a marine knife, marine torch and marine multi tool.


2014-11-13 16:40:42

The Deck Shoe Buying Guide

In the past, before the introduction of deck shoes, sailors were at risk of accidents when on deck due to the lack of grip on the soles of their shoes. Luckily for them the deck shoe was invented by Paul Sperry in 1935 and the days of sailors falling over were long gone. 


2014-11-13 16:26:48

A Guide to Choosing Marine Sealants and Adhesives

It is often believed that marine sealant is solely used to guarantee that your boat is waterproof. However, marine sealants are just as handy for insulation purposes, including the minimisation of engine noise as well as stopping unwanted and pesky draughts. You may think that marine sealant is going to be expensive but in fact it is an effective solution that is inexpensive and affordable even on the tightest of budgets. 


2014-11-13 16:11:10

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for a True Mariner

As you know, we are already half way through November and Christmas is not too far away now. As your attention turns to buying your loved ones Christmas presents and as usual if you have a mariner in your life you will be asking yourself: “What am I supposed to buy them this time”?! Well, this year we have come up with a list of top ten Christmas gifts for a true mariner, making sure that this year you won’t have the usual stress of choosing something for them!


2014-11-21 11:21:39

Get a Free Gift Worth £50 When you Spend £100 or More!

Here at Mailspeed Marine we have been getting into the festive spirit as Christmas gets closer and closer. That is why we would like to give something back to all of our customers who spend £100 or more this Saturday. 


2014-11-24 12:19:45

Bargain Sailing Gloves & Sailing Socks

As we get closer and closer to Christmas you will be thinking of buying a marine Christmas gift for the keen mariner in your life. We know that if you aren’t used to buying marine gifts then it can be hard work trying to think of ideas of what you should buy. What else could a keener mariner want than a pair of sailing gloves or sailing socks. After all, when they get back out on the water after their boat has been storage over the winter the air is going to be a little nippy and they will need to protect themselves against the elements. That is why we have put together this little guide to buying a pair of sailing gloves and sailing socks, including Gill, SealSkinz & Musto.


2014-11-28 09:14:36

Black Friday Sale on Mailspeed Marine - 10% Off Friday to Sunday

You may have heard a lot of people talking about something called Black Friday and how excited they are to pick up some bargains before Christmas. If you are at a loss as to what this is, you are certainly not alone, so what exactly is Black Friday?


2014-12-12 15:50:25

Dave's Top Tips

Welcome to Dave’s Top Tips. This week I have put together some top tips for those of you who have decided to lay up their boats for winter or for those who are in keeping them in water. So, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and browse through my six top tips. Hopefully I will be back every couple of weeks to give you more top tips!


2014-12-12 15:48:47

Our Man Dave at The RAI Centre Amsterdam for The Marine Equipment Trade Show 2014

METS 2014 was once again a fully supporting show including full representation from the UK Marine Trades and, of course, all the other countries from around the World showing off all of their new and existing products. 


2014-12-12 15:48:36

Win One of Three Fantastic Sailing Jackets at Mailspeed Marine

We’ve got a fantastic new competition for you all you marine lovers! Here at Mailspeed Marine we are offering you the chance to win one of three top of the range sailing jackets! That’s right, we have not one, not two, but THREE jackets to give away!


2014-12-07 12:16:59

Nautical Christmas Rescue Guide-Gifts for Him

Every year during this time of year it’s always the same, the house is little more tense than usual, it seems that a mess has appeared from nowhere and there seems to be an endless cycle of rubbish television in your living room. Most people would presume that this is due to the Christmas period but if there is a keen mariner in your life, your first realisation that Christmas is approaching is that he has put his boat into storage and he seems to be hanging around the house pining to be back out sailing at the weekends.


2014-12-12 15:48:09

Nautical Christmas Rescue Guide- Gifts for Her

We all know how difficult it can be trying to choose something for at the best of times,  but it seems at Christmas there is that extra little bit of pressure on you to buy her something that will put a massive smile on her face. Let’s face it, men are not always the best at buying presents in these situations and dare I say it, they resort to buying something that is uninspiring and that will end up hidden at the back of her wardrobe. 


2014-12-12 15:47:42

Nautical Christmas Rescue Guide- Gifts for Kids

If your children share your love and passion for sailing then you know exactly what you need to buy to keep them quiet and happy this Christmas. There is nothing better than a child sharing your nautical passion and we are aware that it is difficult being in competition with Father Christmas every year and trying to outdo him. Luckily for you he isn’t much of a sailor really is he? This means that you can get one over on him this year and make sure that your children are more excited about your presents than his next Christmas!


2014-12-12 15:45:27

Christmas Daily Deals - Day 1

If you are having a little difficulty in trying to decide what to buy for a keen Mariner for Christmas, then a Beken Calendar really would make a perfect gift.

The Beken Calendars have been published every year since 1973 and continue to remain popular amongst boating enthusiasts. It is not uncommon to see one of these beautiful calendars on the walls of a mariner’s kitchen, and of course, their boat.  


2014-12-12 15:45:15

Save £35 on Gill Men's Thermogrid Hooded Top- Daily Deals 2

As part of our countdown to Christmas we are offering you superb savings every day from all of your favourite products from Mailspeed Marine. This Gill Thermogrid Hooded Top is a technical fleece which offers warmth and breathability. 


2014-12-12 09:12:49

Mailspeed Marine's Christmas Daily Deals- Day 3

 If you spend over £100 on Mailspeed Marine today (12/12/2014) we will give you a £5 gift voucher for free!


2014-12-12 13:31:40

Mailspeed Marine's Christmas Weekend Deals

This weekend on Mailspeed Marine we have some fantastic offers and savings for you. On Saturday we are offering you 10% off deck shoes and on Sunday we are offering you 10% off all SealSkinz Products! 


2014-12-12 15:44:43

Mailspeed Marine's Christmas Daily Deals- Day 6

As part of our Daily Deals in our countdown to Christmas, today we are delighted to offer you 2 Sailcloth jackets for him and her for only £99.99!


2014-12-18 08:59:48

10% off Everything on Mailspeed Marine

As you will be aware we are getting closer and closer to Christmas and you I am sure that you will have already done a lot of shopping in preparation. If like a lot of people you are not as organised as you would like to be and you haven’t quite finished, Mailspeed Marine may just have the answer for you.


2014-12-17 14:21:42

Popular Christmas Gifts on Mailspeed Marine

Every year it always seems to be the same, you make big plans to do your Christmas shopping early and get it out of the way with, but it never seems to work! All of a sudden time seems to have disappeared and you are left scrambling around with others trying to grab the last few remaining gifts left on the high street. Needless to say, this is highly stressful and is certain to cause you to be anything other than in the Christmas spirit.


2014-12-24 09:48:32

Boxing Day Sale on Mailspeed Marine

As your eyes wander to the leftover turkey in the fridge, the thought of tackling a huge pile of turkey sandwiches is likely to be as appealing as sailing around the world in an inflatable dingy. With all of the excitement and build up to Christmas, it is normal to feel a little dejected on Boxing Day and feel the need for a little pick-you-up. A lot of people brave the high street with crowds and crowds of other shoppers seeking out a bargain and save themselves some money. If trying to battle through crowds of shoppers isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then don’t worry, Mailspeed Marine have got it covered.


2014-12-28 09:42:22

Clearance Sale on Mailspeed Marine

It seems to have become a tradition at this time of year to venture out onto the high street and battle fellow shoppers in a quest to find goods at bargain prices. It doesn’t sound like my idea of fun and I’m certain that it doesn’t sound too appealing to you either. Also, I know from my own personal experience that there isn’t much of a selection of nautical goods available on your average high street. If you are a fellow lover of all things nautical then you will be longing to get back out on the water, so why not treat yourself a little something nautical which will somehow seem to bring the day you venture back out onto the water that little bit closer.


2014-12-31 18:09:53

A Very Happy New Year from Mailspeed Marine!

Now that the festivities of Christmas have died down, we can finally welcome in the New Year and look forward to a happy and prosperous year ahead. I am sure that you can't wait to get back on your boat and back out onto the water, but sadly for the time being we will just have to wait.


2015-01-05 14:30:25

30% off Dubarry Clothing on Mailspeed Marine

Now that Christmas is well and truly behind us things are slowly beginning to return to normal. We all feel a little blue in January as we return to our weekly routine and January always seems to be one of the slowest months of the year. We all need a little pick-you-up and that is why here at Mailspeed Marine we have got a tasty little treat for you. 


2015-01-08 09:22:20

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Thursday 8th January

To celebrate the London Boat Show we are delighted to be able to offer you some fantastic daily deals on Mailspeed Marine. We will be offering you some fantastic savings everyday until the final day of the Boat Show so make sure that you keep checking Mailspeed Marine and grab yourself a bargain!

Today we are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to save £55 off the RRP of the Icom M23 Buoyant VHF Marine Transceiver!


2015-01-08 15:27:49

Top Tips for the London Boat Show 2015

If you are heading to the London Boat Show then check out our Top Tips to make sure that you get the best experience possible from the 2015 London Boat show!


2015-01-09 09:35:22

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Friday 9th January

As I am sure you already know, we are offering you the opportunity to grab yourself a different bargain everyday on Mailspeed Marine. Remember, these offers will run for the entire duration of the London Boat Show! Today we are delighted to be able to offer you 50% off the Crewsaver 50N CSR Response Buoyancy Aid.


2015-01-10 12:32:19

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Saturday 10th January

The Gill OS2 Jacket is an incredibly versatile and durable jacket which is capable of withstanding the harshest offshore and coastal weather conditions whilst keeping you bone dry and comfortable. We are delighted to be able to offer you a huge £50 off this beautiful Gill jacket, which really is everything an offshore jacket should be.


2015-01-11 11:51:19

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Sunday 11th January

The WavEco 2.6M Slatted Floor Dinghy is incredibly lightweight and perfect for leisure use and comes fully equipped. The dinghy is lightweight yet robust thanks to the 750 gram 1100 denier Polyester construction of this WavEco dinghy. 


2015-01-13 09:14:57

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Monday 12th January

If you are in search of a way of transporting your sailing gear with convenience then today’s daily deal is perfect for you. Why go through the hassle of carrying several bags when you could store and transport it all in one single bag?


2015-01-13 09:18:44

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Tuesday 13th January

To celebrate the London Boat Show 2015, we are delighted to be able to offer you £70 off the Crewsaver ErgoFit 190N life jacket. If you are looking for a life jacket which offers the quality of a professional life jacket, then look no further. We are delighted to be able to offer you this Crewsaver jacket for only £109.99 complete with a light and hood! This offer will run on Mailspeed Marine for the duration of the London Boat Show, but now, let’s take a closer look at what the Crewsaver ErgoFit 190N can offer you.


2015-01-14 12:28:56

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Wednesday 14th January

To Celebrate the London Boat Show we are Delighted to Offer you a £70 Saving off the Orca Bay Mull Boots- They Could be yours for Only £99.99!


2015-01-15 09:07:16

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Thursday 15th January

If you are like a lot of people and your sailing is restricted by a budget then the Mailspeed Marine Charter 150N Lifejacket is perfect for you. The Charter 150N lifejacket comes in two different variations: manual or auto and harness, both featuring a manual activation toggle. If you purchase the Auto gas inflation version, it comes with a harness facility which can allow it to be used with a safety line.


2015-01-16 14:32:22

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Friday 16th January

These patented SMART TABS boast a unique trim and a stabiliser system that automatically adjusts to suit the water conditions, essentially this means that expensive electronic or hydraulic hardware and switches are not required.


2015-01-17 11:06:02

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Saturday 17th January

If you need to keep your hands warm this winter then the SealSkinz Outdoor mittens are perfect for you. These mittens are fully waterproof, windproof and at the same time highly breathable, making them ideal for winter use in any marine environment.


2015-01-18 11:09:23

London Boat Show Daily Deals- Sunday 18th January

As you will know we have been offering you the chance to make some fantastic savings for the entire duration of the London Boat Show. As one of the UK’s leading premier online chandlers, we have got everything that you could possibly need. Whether you are after a new pair of deck shoes, some sailing clothing or even some deck hardware, we’ve got it all covered.


2015-03-11 15:22:44

Review of the Icom M23 Handheld VHF Radio

The Icom M23 measures in at just under 13cm in height and is powered by a mobile phone sized 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery pack. It is one of the best-value VHF marine radios currently available on the market.

It is one of the lightest and most compact buoyant that you can buy, but it certainly does not compromise on power or performance. It more than matches the audio and battery performance of similar models that are currently available.


2015-05-08 09:04:47

Get Back on the Water: Boat

The season has finally begun and with it comes the need to get your vessel in shape and ready for getting back out on the water. Once you've cleaned, scrubbed and polished her down there are plenty of things that will need replacing and we're on hand to help!


2015-05-08 09:08:42

Get Back on the Water: Crew

With the new season looming it's time to get everyone in the crew kitted out and ready. We have compiled a list of this season's essentials from new clothing from top brands to innovative safety equipment...