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Buying Guides

2014-07-30 13:02:00

Sailing Gloves Buying Guide

Tips and advice for buying sailing gloves. If you're looking to invest in a reliable pair of sailing gloves, this guide provides some useful information on how this type of sailing clothing can benefit you whilst on board your boat.


2014-08-11 14:29:14

Crewsaver Lifejackets Guide

Crewsaver lifejackets continue to lead the way and push the boundaries of lifejacket manufacture and design. The quality remains in line with industry standards and some say they are the best life jackets around.


2014-07-30 12:55:26

A Guide to Antifouling Paint

A guide to some of the best antifouling paint and systems to protect your vessel from damage.


2014-07-30 12:55:53

A Guide to International Paints

Information about some of the boat paints offered by one of the best manufacturers, International Paints. This includes details of antifouling paint and primer.


2014-07-30 11:55:27

Inflatable Boats Buying Guide

There are currently many manufactures and models of inflatable boats for sale. Inflatable boats are no longer restricted to small dinghy boats in size but you can buy inflatables which range up to 45ft in length or sometimes even longer.


2014-07-30 12:56:22

A Guide to Outboard Boat Engines

Information on a range of outboard boat engines available on the market today. Including details on Honda, Suzuki and Torqeedo.


2014-07-30 12:57:06

Accessories for Boat Fenders

A list of some of the essential accessories needed to make sure your boat fenders do their job properly and last as long as possible.


2014-07-30 11:48:10

How to Buy Kayaks

There are a number of ways to buy a kayak, you can buy a new kayak for extra peace of mind or you could buy used kayaks to save some money. Read on to find out how to buy a kayak.


2014-07-30 12:57:34

Boat Fenders Accessories Guide

Details on the different kinds of accessories needed to maintain and protect boat fenders. Information on the products available to ensure your boat fenders remain in great working condition.


2014-07-30 11:33:15

Top 10 Boat Shoes

A guide to 10 of the best boat shoes for men and women currently available on the marine marketplace.


2014-07-30 12:57:57

Boat Fenders Buying Guide

A look at some of the best boat fenders available for a range of purposes and boat types. This includes details on a range of brands for boat fenders.


2014-07-30 12:58:23

Boat Fenders Guide

A guide to some of the best boat fenders available. Including details of boat fender accessories to protect your equipment.


2014-07-30 11:44:08

Choosing Offshore Sailing Clothing

Offshore sailing requires some specific sailing clothing because of the potentially harsh conditions that you will face. When you are sailing offshore, all of your sailing gear needs to be waterproof, windproof, extremely warm and finally hard wearing. To find out how to choose the best offshore sailing gear, read on.


2014-07-30 12:58:51

Buying Boat Fenders

A guide to a range of boat fenders available to suit different needs from various boating brands.


2014-07-30 11:33:43

Top 10 Musto Sailing Items

Musto is one of the most reliable sailing brands operating in the marketplace. Learn about 10 of the best Musto accessories in this guide.


2014-07-30 12:59:15

Buying Inflatable Dinghy Spares

Details on different types of dinghy parts that are often needed to maintain or repair inflatable boats.


2014-07-30 11:36:13

On Board Boat Storage

The nature of a boat means that a lot of marine storage needs to be secured to something to stop it going overboard. On a boat, on board storage space can be at a premium. This guide outlines some useful boat storage solutions.


2014-07-30 12:59:42

Children's Crewsaver Life Jackets

See the following guide to Crewsaver sailing life jackets for children for some of the best products available today to keep your kids safe on the water.


2014-07-30 13:00:07

Choosing the Best GPS

Guide to choosing the best GPS system for your navigation needs.


2014-07-30 11:37:21

Top 5 Sailing Gloves

A guide to five of the best sailing gloves available to buy on the marine marketplace right now.


2014-07-30 11:36:43

Marine Waterproofs Guide

The best way to ensure you don’t get too hot or cold is to wear sailing multi layers. This guide outlines some of the best base layer and middle layer sailing clothes that can be bought.


2014-07-30 11:32:42

Top 5 Sailing Jackets

A guide to five of the best sailing jackets currently available on the marine marketplace.


2014-07-30 11:25:05

Kayak Buying Guide

There are different types of kayak available for different uses and it is important to buy the correct kayak for you, read on to find out more about buying a kayak from a kayaks sale.


2014-07-30 13:00:31

Choosing the best sailing boots

Guide to choosing the best sailing boots, including details on a selection of boots available on the market from great brands.


2014-07-30 13:01:11

Types of Boat Fenders

For anyone looking to ensure appropriate boat care through to the long term, boat fenders can make all the difference. Learn why boat fenders can come in useful in this guide.


2014-07-30 12:43:45

Crewsaver Life Jackets for Children

Guide to some of the best Crewsaver life jackets for children available today.


2014-07-30 12:46:39

Choosing the Best Handheld VHF

Having a handheld VHF on board when sailing is very wise. They offer a good way to send and receive messages should the main marine VHF fail. There are quite a few different types of Handheld VHF from different companies such as Cobra, Icom and Nexus. They all differ slightly so it is important to know what VHF you will want to buy.


2014-07-30 12:47:14

Base Layer Clothing Guide

It is essential that when you are out sailing that you regulate your body temperature so you stay comfortable and are able to work efficiently. Conditions at sea change quickly so you should always be prepared. If you wear a base layer with mid layer clothing then you will be able to take other layers on and off as you please.


2014-07-30 11:18:51

Buying Foul Weather Gear

Many sailors don’t let wind and rain get in the way of jumping on board their boats and getting out to sea. If you do plan to use your boat during the colder months it’s a good idea to get kitted out with sailing clothing that is specifically designed to provide full protection against the most extreme conditions.


2014-07-30 12:47:53

Finding Fishfinders For Sale

Buying fishfinders for the very first time? This guide takes a look at some of the best fishfinders available on the marketplace.


2014-07-30 12:48:21

Torqeedo Outboard Engines

Buying guide to Torqeedo outboard engines. Information on the benefits and details on a selection of outboard engines from Torqeedo.


2014-07-30 12:48:47

Top Inflatable Dinghy Buys

Inflatable boats come in a number of sizes and forms depending on the users’ needs and purposes. Certain materials and structures of each inflatable boat will suit particular requirements better.


2014-07-30 12:49:18

Top Buoyancy Aids

Information on buoyancy aids and a selection of some of the best ones available today.


2014-07-30 12:49:58

Ocean Boat Fenders Guide

Ocean is one of the largest boat fender manufacturers, producing many different types of fender products for all situations. See the following guide for details on a selection of Ocean marine fenders for more information.


2014-07-30 12:32:23

Gill Buoyancy Aids Guide

Guide to some of the best buoyancy aids made by Gill.


2014-07-30 12:33:40

A Guide to Whale Pumps

Find out why whale pumps are so important for boating enthusiasts and what some of the best ones are to buy.


2014-07-30 12:34:25

Baltic Buoyancy Aids Guide

Guide to Baltic buoyancy aids.


2014-07-30 12:34:55

Top 5 Accessories for Inflatable Dinghy Repair

Learn about the accessories you can buy for inflatable dinghy repairs in this article. If you are looking to repair a dinghy boat this guide should prove useful.


2014-07-30 12:35:21

Boat Fenders - Best Buys

Guide to some of the different types of boat fenders that are available to protect your boat in various spots.


2014-07-30 12:35:47

Bow Fenders Guide

This marine fenders guide will focus on a few different types of bow fenders to explain how they differ in price and function.


2014-07-30 11:54:37

Choosing the Best Sailing Watch

A sailing watch isn't just a fashion statement - it can also prove an essential purchase, particularly for those who regularly take part in competitive sailing action, as this article explains.


2014-07-30 11:55:03

Choosing the Best Fixed VHF

It is important to know what you want and what you need from a marine VHF so that you spend your money wisely. This guide outlines some of the different fixed VHF sets that are on the market.


2014-07-30 11:19:46

Sharx shoes review: Functional and stylish

Review of Sharx EVA moulded boat shoes, perfect for watersports or on land. Find out more about these high-performance boating shoes.


2014-07-30 11:20:20

Hempel Epoxy Primer Boat Paint Review

Review of Hempel Epoxy Primer Undercoat Boat Paint, suitable for application below and above the waterline. We tell you how to apply for best results.