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Choosing the best sailing boots

sailing bootsWearing the right pair of sailing boots can really make a difference when you are out to sea. Even if you are fully kitted out in weather proof gear, if you do not have good sea boots, you will end up with wet and cold feet. There are different heights and weights for the types of sailing boots available. Depending on your needs and habits, certain types will be more suitable.

Choosing Sailing Boots – Tips
•    Make sure you purchase sea boots that have grips on the soles and are non-skid.

•    Your sailing boots should be snug and fit tightly around the top, to stop water from pouring in. Boots with high laces or drawstrings are good for this function.

•    The lining of your boat footwear should dry out easily and should allow easy access for your feet to go in and out.

Sea Boots – Options

Dubarry Fastnet Boot
This boot is a good all-rounder as its features will cater to all your sailing needs. The Durbarry Fastnet boot is lined with breathable gore-tex leather which is highly effective for rapid drying. It also maintains a soft feel no matter what state it is in. It also uses Cordura fabric that makes it very flexible and looking stylish. This is a great option for sailing boots as they keep your feet warm and free from sweat. The Durbarry Fastnet Boot is non-slip, and also has an elasticated top to prevent any water infiltration. These sea boots are definitely suited to all sorts of sailing conditions and situations, as their height is tall.

Gill Tall Boots
For lower end sailing boots that are still functional the Gill Tall Boots are a good option. This inexpensive boot is made from 100% natural rubber. Its sole is non-slip using a gripping system that is razor-cut. Gill Tall Boots are extremely comfortable thanks to an inner sole that can be removed and is arched for support. Your feet will remain dry, warm and comfortable with this option. These boots are more suited for calmer sailing conditions.

Gill Trapeze Dinghy Boots
Gill Trapeze Dinghy Boots are shorter in height than other sailing boots. They are made out of neoprene which ensures maximum warmth. The soles are made from natural rubber and are wraparound. The heel, bridge area and toes are reinforced for good support. The seams on Gill Trapeze Dinghy Boots are flatlocked for even more comfort. This kind of boot will suit calmer boating situations as they are lightweight.