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Life Jackets: Crewsaver 190N Zipped Plus

crewsaver 190nBuying life jackets is essential if you are going to go sailing. You should never go on a boat without having sailing life jackets on. There are lots of different types of life vests and life jackets available for you to buy but sometimes these life jackets are only suitable for certain conditions.

When you buy a life jacket you have to decide when and where you are going to use it most. A life jacket for off shore use will be more robust and keep you afloat for much longer than a life jacket suited to an inland lake where help can reach you fast.

This article will give you some information on one of the best life jackets on the market at the moment; the Crewsaver Crewfit 190N Zipped Plus.

Crewsaver Crewfit 190N Zipped Plus

•    This life jacket has been 2 years in development and it really is the best out there in terms of life jacket design.
•    The body of this life jacket is shorter than the traditional sailing life jackets shape. This means that manoeuvrability has been increased along with the comfort of the jacket.
•    These Crewsaver life jackets also have increased back support so that it is comfortable in and out of the water.
•    The bladder of this life jacket is slightly asymmetric which means the wearer will be turned onto their back much more quickly than a standard life jacket.
•    This life jacket has an in built hood and a light as additional safety features. The bladder size has also increased which means the wearer will be held higher out of the water.