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Orca Bay Ladies Boat Shoes Review

orca deck shoesAre you thinking about buying deck shoes but are a bit baffled about which ones to buy? Whether you want to buy ladies boat shoes for practicality or fashion you will find the sailing shoes out there that suit you.

There are so many different styles of ladies boat shoes from slip-ons to lace ups and bright colours through to traditional walnut brown.

•    For me the Orca Bay ladies boat shoes were the perfect choice. I chose the navy and brown pair and I haven’t taken them off ever since. These ladies boat shoes are in the classic and traditional sailing shoes style and are hand stitched for the best level of craftsmanship.

•    When you are buying boat shoes for sailing purposes you want to ensure that they are fully waterproof and have good grip on a wet deck. These ladies boat shoes are both as they have razor cut rubber outsoles which are made from non marking rubber. These soles I have found give excellent grip on land and on the boat.

•    You can get these sailing shoes as wet as you like because they have rust proof eyelets. These shoes might seem a bit stiff at first but after wearing them a few times they soften up into really comfortable deck shoes.

•    I would recommend these shoes to anyone as they are comfortable and stylish. One worry women have with boat shoes is that they sometimes make your feet look big but these deck shoes are surprisingly flattering.

•    If you would like to browse boat shoes then Mailspeed Marine is a great place to look.