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Top 10 Boat Shoes

Deck shoesTop 5 Women's Boat Shoes

Orca Bay Oakland Ladies Deck Shoes

The Orca Bay deck shoes are made in a classic nautical style. These boat shoes also deliver maximum comfort. Orca Bay sailing shoes are hand stitched and are made with the best leather you can find. These ladies boat shoes will hold their shape and quality whatever the weather at sea.

Sharx Sailing Shoes for Ladies

Sharx women's boat shoes are high tech and high performance footwear. These sailing shoes are made to handle all kinds of activities on land or in water. They have an anti slip air cushioned sole, another sensitive feature of these boat shoes is that the soles are non marking. These deck shoes also have anti microbial insoles which you can remove and wash.

Dubarry Maldives Ladies Boat Shoes

These boat shoes are simple and classic two-eye sailing shoes. They have a purpose designed sole and so they are practical and stylish.

Chatham Adriatic G2 Ladies Deck Shoes

The Chatham Adriatic ladies boat shoes are practical as well as being stylish and feminine. You might worry that these shoes are light in colour but if they get a little grubby then you can throw them in the washing machine. These sailing shoes are hand stitched and made out of a rot proof fabric with rust proof eyelets.

Dubarry Bermuda Ladies Sailing Shoes

These boat shoes are casual slip-ons, they are made from performance leather and have the technical properties of other Dubarry soles.

Top 5 Men's Boat Shoes

Dubarry Gore Tex Clipper Deck Shoes

These men's boat shoes are fully breathable and have a lining which wicks perspiration away from the feet. There is a mid sole for warmth and comfort. These sailing shoes also have the Dubarry award winning slip resistant, non marking, durable outer sole. The eyelets on these deck shoes are rust proof and the leather lace goes all the way around the foot.

Dubarry Yacht Boat Shoes

These deck shoes are comfortable, durable and stylish. They are slip-on and are made from water resistant fabric. These shoes also have the non slip and non marking soles and have fantastic grip on wet and dry decks.

Musto Performance Deck Shoes

The Musto Performance boat shoes have classic styling and excellent traction. They have an antimicrobial lining and feature the Grip Deck outsole for lateral stability and grip.

Chatham Boston Ankle Sailing Boots

These sailing shoes are a modern twist on marine footwear. They are casual and have a soft upper. They are not technically a deck shoe but they do have non marking soles with razor cut sections. These are the shoes you will want to be seen in at the yacht club.

Harken Vortex Shoes

Harken boat shoes
have 360 degree grip, antibacterial food beds, a compression moulded mid sole and non marking outsole. All of the components are rust proof and there is a moulded heel cup for support. There is also a one way drainage system in these sailing shoes which will rapidly take water away from the foot.