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Get your boat set for winter


Top winterising tips from MailspeedMarine.com You may be thinking it’s a little early to start winterising your boat and engine, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you’ll need to do over the next few months to protect your boat and engine before the frost sets in. Ensuring your boat is winterised means not only is your mind at ease over the winter months but your boat will also be fully functional and ready for action when spring comes around. Winterisation will help to protect the controls and electrics in your engine, incase any damp creeps in from the wet weather. Damp can also creep into the inside of the boat, so it’s important that your furnishings are protected, preventing nasty smells and possible mould.


Top tips to winterising a boat:


•Ventilation is key as it will ensure your boat stays damp and mildew free. The best way to prevent this is by installing some secure all weather vents or hatches.


•A dehumidifier is essential is your boat is prone to getting damp. Add a little heat and ventilation over the winter months to keep everything dry.


•Remove items from the boat that are likely to soak up and damp that creeps in, any movable materials such as bedding, clothing etc. Also make sure all food is emptied from cupboards and fridges.


•Leaving all drawer and cabinet doors open will allow the air to filter around.


•Leaving a small radiator onboard on a low thermostat will provide a little warmth.


•Empty the toilet and pump it dry to avoid that horrible job when the spring comes around.


•Drain down all your water systems to stop freezing pipework and appliance,s and add antifreeze to the engine’s cooling system.


•Empty and sponge out the bilges.


•Turn off your gas from the bottle and make sure you burn off any gas in the pipes.


•If possible keep your batteries fully charged with a multi-stage shore power charger, just to keep things ticking over or add distilled water to batteries, charge completely and disconnect.


•Change your engine oil to prevent building up acidic traces in the old oil and contaminating the engines parts.


•Top off your fuel tanks – this will stop condensation from forming , preventing diesel bug contamination.


•Ultra Violet light can really damage your boats equipment - cover all compasses and built in electronics to prevent the light from cracking or fading their features.


If you plan to take your boat out of the water this winter then you may want to consider the following:

•Put a old cloth or rag up your through-hull fittings and also your exhaust.

•Remove all fenders. This will prevent them from scratching he outside of your boat if the wind picks up.


It’s really worth winterising your boat before the cold weather and frost sets in. Not only does it give you a chance to fully service your boat and repair any damages that may have occurred over the spring and summer, it also means when the warmer weather comes back around it won’t take you long to get straight back onto the water.


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