Nauticalia Yacht & Boating Gifts

Nauticalia Yacht & Boating Gifts

Established in 1974, Nauticalia have a fantastic range of boat and ship memorabilia for the boating enthusiasts. Take a look at our fantastic range of Nautical Gifts, they make ideal gifts for Birthdays and Christmas. Why not check out our best sellers including the Naked Laundry Bag, the stylish Breton Cap and the Nauticalia Sea Searcher Recovery Magnet - a life saver if something drops into the water.


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  1. Nauticalia Sundial for Travelling, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Sundial for Travelling

    This brass pocket sundial is a completely self-contained portable instrument, with a compass for alignment and lid for protection.
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £1.00

  2. Nauticalia Quarter-Size Vernier Sextant, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Quarter-Size Vernier Sextant

    This quarter-size version is an irresistible "must-have" for the desks of instrument collectors and nautical enthusiasts.
    RRP: £79.99
    Saving: £14.00

  3. Nauticalia Gypsy Moth Lamp Heatshield - Chrome, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Gypsy Moth Lamp Heatshield - Chrome

    Heatshield for Gypsy Moth Oil Lamp

  4. Nauticalia Stellarscope Starfinder, Binoculars

    Nauticalia Stellarscope Starfinder

    Identify stars with this simple but effective instrument. Set to the hour, day and date.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £2.00

  5. Nauticalia Thames Range Barometer, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Thames Range Barometer

    Made from spun brass. Outside diameter 4.5", depth 1.5".
    RRP: £39.99
    Saving: £2.00

  6. Nauticalia Commodore Barometer, Electronics & Navigation

    Nauticalia Commodore Barometer

    It has a lacquered brass case with robust hinges and screw closures, designed to last a lifetime. Designed to complement either of the Commodore clocks, this has a precision aneroid barometer movement.

  7. Nauticalia Nauticalia Commodore Mechanical Clock, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Commodore Mechanical Clock

    Destined to grace the finest locations: from the main bulkhead of a J-Class yacht, to the mahogany-panelled walls of a retired Admiral’s study.

  8. Nauticalia Nauticalia Fleet Admiral Ship's Bell Mechanical Clock, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Fleet Admiral Ship's Bell Mechanical Clock

    The mechanical movement in this version is made to impeccable standards, and has the facility to chime the “Ships Bells” watch pattern.

  9. Nauticalia Nauticalia Lobster Bottle Opener,

    Nauticalia Lobster Bottle Opener

    Bottle opener keyring shaped like a lobster.

  10. Nauticalia Nauticalia Galileo Thermometer Desk Stand,

    Nauticalia Galileo Thermometer Desk Stand

    Distinctive ornamental (but functional) thermometer that utilises 17th century astronomer Galileo Galilei's discovery that the density of liquids varies with temperature.
    RRP: £12.99
    Saving: £1.00

  11. Nauticalia Porthole Desk Clock, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Porthole Desk Clock

    Made from brass and wood with "Time and tide wait for no man" on brass plaque.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £5.00

  12. Nauticalia Nauticalia Yachtsman's Tide Watch, Watches

    Nauticalia Yachtsman's Tide Watch

    Don’t get caught out by the tide again! This watch features a specially-designed dial and tide hand for quick checking, and a guide to moon phase indicating spring tides.
    RRP: £239.99
    Saving: £40.00

  13. Nauticalia Nauticalia Code Flag Diver's Watch, Watches

    Nauticalia Code Flag Diver's Watch

    A simple, yet distinctive, nautical-themed watch which offers a host of practical features for the watersports enthusiast, including: super-tough Kevlar, stainless steel, and resin case (water resistant to 200m), high-contrast white dial, unidirectional timing bezel, and long-life battery.
    RRP: £89.99
    Saving: £15.00

  14. Nauticalia Nauticalia Commodore Quartz Ship's Bells Clock, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Commodore Quartz Ship's Bells Clock

    Destined to grace the finest locations: from the main bulkhead of a J-Class yacht, to the mahogany-panelled walls of a retired Admiral’s study. The Commodore Quartz clock is specially made for Nauticalia by a world-renowned instrument maker, located in the Black Forest region of Germany.

  15. Nauticalia Nauticalia Captains Cabin Game Set,

    Nauticalia Captains Cabin Game Set

    A full set of dominoes, two packs of cards, and five wooden die, in a very smart solid hardwood box with brass inlaid lid.
    RRP: £34.99
    Saving: £5.00

  16. Nauticalia Nauticalia Stainless Steel Tankard Captain, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Stainless Steel Tankard

    Smart stainless steel tankards that come labelled with crew positions so everyone knows whose drink is whose. Capacity 500ml.
    RRP: £27.99
    Saving: £3.00

  17. Nauticalia Nauticalia Vintage Boathouse Mug Ship, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Vintage Boathouse Mug

    This super Vintage Boathouse mug is available in several designs including ship, propeller, wheel and anchor. Size 270ml

  18. Nauticalia Nauticalia Nautical Coaster All, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Nautical Coaster

    Stylish Nautical Coasters in a variety of designs.
    RRP: £2.50
    Saving: £0.01

  19. Nauticalia Nauticalia Code Flag Watch Mens, Watches

    Nauticalia Code Flag Watch

    This smart watch, with a distinctive nautical theme, has hours marked by flags from the international code of signals, and a diving-style unidirectional timing bezel. Luminous hands and hour markers make it easy to read in the dark, and its stainless steel and mineral glass construction make it super-tough and water resistant to 200m.
    RRP: £119.99
    Saving: £20.00

  20. Nauticalia Nauticalia Porcelain Mug - Captain, Crockery & Cutlery

    Nauticalia Porcelain Mug

    These Porcelain mugs are styled to look just like the old enameled tin mugs from campfires of old however these mugs will retain the heat much better and wont leave a nasty after taste behind.

  21. Nauticalia Nauticalia Fishing Rod in a Pen, Fishing Chandlery

    Nauticalia Fishing Rod in a Pen

    This pen fishing rod or Poachers pocket fishing rod is a great little gadget, it's easily portable and actually does collapse to the size of a pen. When fully extended the rod reaches 1.2m or 4ft and the miniature reel is fully functional with a switchable ratchet for either left or right handed use and line brake/clutch, which means that you really can fish with this rod too.
    RRP: £19.99
    Saving: £3.00

  22. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast G30 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast G30 Torch

    Our G30 torch is only 6¼" long, but produces a powerful 426ft (130m) beam which can be focussed from flood to spotlight with a simple twist. Like our other Coast torches, it is made from super-tough anodised aluminium and is weatherproof and almost unbreakable.
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £1.00

  23. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP17 Torch

    The largest and most powerful in the range of Coast Torches is the HP17. The 3x D batteries* (supplied) project a massive 575-lumen beam over more than 650ft (200m) for up to 13½ hours.
    RRP: £84.99
    Saving: £2.00

  24. Nauticalia Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch, Torches

    Nauticalia Coast HP7TAC Torch

    For such a small torch (the case measures only 5½"), the HP7TAC provides an incredibly bright beam – more than 250 lumens over almost 650ft (200m).
    RRP: £54.99
    Saving: £5.00

  25. Nauticalia Nauticalia Pedestal Globe, Traditional Nauticalia

    Nauticalia Pedestal Globe

    Pedestal Globe in an antique-style with brass stand. Measures 6" tall.
    RRP: £22.99
    Saving: £1.00

  26. Nauticalia Nauticalia Explorer Set, Compasses

    Nauticalia Explorer Set

    Comprising 8x21 folding binoculars, a penknife, a torch, a compass and a poncho all packaged neatly in a nylon belt pouch. Penknife has stainless steel tools including corkscrew, bottle and can openers, two screwdrivers and a straight-edge blade.

  27. Nauticalia Nauticalia Chrome Pressure Lantern, Cabin Lighting

    Nauticalia Chrome Pressure Lantern

    This type of amazingly powerful paraffin lantern was first developed in Germany in 1910, and has been in production ever since. Why? Well even today there is a need for independent light sources where there is no electricity - camping and boating for example - and the design has never been surpassed.
    RRP: £139.99
    Saving: £25.00

  28. Nauticalia Thames Clock & Barometer Set Mounted, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Thames Clock & Barometer Set Mounted

    Made from spun brass, these popular marine clock and barometers are good quality, functioning instruments, for mounting direct on your wall/bulkhead.
    RRP: £89.99
    Saving: £2.00

  29. Nauticalia Chrome Cabin Clock, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Nauticalia Chrome Cabin Clock

    Our porthole instruments have hefty, solid casings with hinged scuttle clamps and bevelled glass fronts.
    RRP: £99.99
    Saving: £3.00

  30. Nauticalia Monocular with Case, Binoculars

    Nauticalia Monocular with Case

    10x magnification through a 25mm object lens. Tough rubberised casing and supplied with a leatherette belt pouch. 4.5" long.


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