Plastimo Safety, Fender, Navigation & Deck Equipment

Plastimo Safety, Fender, Navigation & Deck Equipment

Plastimo are a leading manufacturer of safety, mooring, navigation and deck equipment, supplying sailors and yachtsmen equipment across the globe. Here on Mailspeed Marine, we stock a huge range of Plastimo products and are pleased to offer you such an extensive selection. Take a look at their engine accessories, especially the Hose Connectors. Also check out the Fenders and Liferafts.


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  1. Plastimo Pine Flag Staff, Flags & Poles

    Plastimo Pine Flag Staff

    Pine Flag Staff with nylon cleat and concealed pulley. 25mm Base

  2. Plastimo Jointed Oars, Inflatable Boat Accessories

    Plastimo Jointed Oars

    Ideal for inflatables or small dinghies. Heavily varnished pine oars. Shaft Ø 35 mm. Wide 12 cm blades, with composite ferrule. Priced Individually.
    RRP: £51.99
    Saving: £3.00

  3. Plastimo Plastimo Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass Blue, Compasses

    Plastimo Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass

    Read in roughest conditions. 1 degree graduated card. Prism eliminates parallax error. Built-in photo luminescent lighting, lanyard, rugged blue or yellow housing.
    RRP: £64.99
    Saving: £17.00

  4. Plastimo 38mm Petrol Fuel Hose for Tank Intake, Outboard Engine Accessories

    Plastimo 38mm Petrol Fuel Hose for Tank Intake

    Internal diameter: 38mm External diamter: 50.5mm Operating pressure at 20 degrees C: 13 bar Bend radius: 133mm
    RRP: £22.68
    Saving: £18.69

  5. Plastimo Plastimo Bow Ladder, Stanchion and Deck Rigging

    Plastimo Bow Ladder

    Unique step-adjusting concept design. The exclusive assembly process allows to keep the steps horizontal whatever the shape and inclination of the free-board, transom or skirt.
    RRP: £185.02
    Saving: £36.03

  6. Plastimo Plastimo Halogen Torch, Torches

    Plastimo Halogen Torch

    Marine halogen torch in a watertight casing. Perfect to keep aboard when you need torch light.

  7. Plastimo Plastimo Iris 100 with 12V Lighting - Yellow, Compasses

    Plastimo Iris 100 with 12V Lighting

    Steering and hand-bearing compass. Can be fixed in mounting bracket vertically or horizontally. Gimballed double reading card, 3 lubber lines & floats. Comes with a 12v light attached.
    RRP: £124.49
    Saving: £4.50

  8. Plastimo Plastimo Folding Grapnel Anchor, Boat Anchors

    Plastimo Folding Grapnel Anchor

    These Plastimo folding grapnel anchors are ideal for small craft.

  9. Plastimo Plastimo Removable Cargo Boom, Catches & Handles

    Plastimo Removable Cargo Boom

    A general purpose cargo boom.To handle loads safely, supplied complete with blocks and lines.

  10. Plastimo Plastimo Matte Chrome Clock or Barometer, Barometers & Tide Clocks

    Plastimo Matte Chrome Clock or Barometer

    Display these traditional stylish clocks and barometers to transform the interior of your cabin. The Matt Chrome finish gives these clocks and barometers a modern twist to the traditional maritime instruments.
    RRP: £84.19
    Saving: £5.20

  11. Plastimo Plastimo Fluorescent Lights - 4W & 8W, Cabin Lighting

    Plastimo Fluorescent Lights - 4W & 8W

    Amazing value cabin/interior lighting from Plastimo. Solid state electric's do not interfere with nav equipment

  12. Plastimo Plastimo Stainless Steel Hinges, Hinges

    Plastimo Stainless Steel Hinges

    Stainless steel hinges perfect for the cabin from Plastimo.

  13. Plastimo Plastimo PVC Flexible Boat Vents, Deck Ventilation

    Plastimo PVC Flexible Boat Vents

    Supplied with deck plate and water tight sealing cap.
    RRP: £32.28
    Saving: £1.29

  14. Plastimo Tubular Radar Refector - Sail, Radar Reflectors

    Plastimo Tubular Radar Refector - Sail

    Approx 3 mile detectability in ideal conditions. M type (bracket mount) for motorcraft. S type (rigging mount) for sailing boats. lengths 380-590mm. Diameters 50 and 100mm.
    RRP: £35.99
    Saving: £16.00

  15. Plastimo Schooner Crockery, Crockery & Cutlery

    Plastimo Schooner Crockery

    Highly resistant to shocks and scratches. This range is three times more shock resistant than any standard toughened glass product. Thanks to its total resistance to scratches and ageing, the Schooner
    RRP: £29.99
    Saving: £9.00

  16. Plastimo Calibrated Short Link Chain, Anchor Chain

    Plastimo Calibrated Short Link Chain

    Calibrated chain which has a very precise pitch on every chain link. Perfect for most anchor windlasses. Made from quality galvanised steel.Price per metre.
    RRP: £8.99
    Saving: £3.00

  17. Plastimo Conical Shaft Nut Anodes, Anodes

    Plastimo Conical Shaft Nut Anodes

    Top quality zinc anodes protects shaft.Manufactured according to ISO9002 specification. Sizes are shaft dia mm Anodes protect the various metal components from deteriation when your boats hull is submerged.
    RRP: £14.99
    Saving: £7.00

  18. Plastimo Foam Gaurdrail Backrest, Stanchion and Deck Rigging

    Plastimo Foam Gaurdrail Backrest

    Contoured UV stabilised plastic.Simple clip on, clip off.Comfortable shape.Plastic: 38 x 12cm.Foam: 47 x 14cm.

  19. Plastimo Protective Cover / Pouch for Iris 50, Compasses

    Plastimo Protective Cover / Pouch for Iris 50

    Keep your compass in one piece with this protective cover.

  20. Plastimo Swivel Mixer Tap, Taps

    Plastimo Swivel Mixer Tap

    Chrome plated brass / Spout swivels on 360°.Supplied with 2 x 30 cm metal plumbing hose and screw-type connectors.Max. temperature 80°CPressure 6 bar.

  21. Plastimo Plastimo Compact Mixer Tap, Taps

    Plastimo Compact Mixer Tap

    A compact mixer tap suitable for marine use. Supplied with 2 x 35 cm metal plumbing hose and screw-type connectors. Chrome plated brass.Max. temperature 80°CPressure 6 bar.

  22. Plastimo Headsail Reefing - 810T (Chainplate), Sailing Control & Reefing

    Plastimo Headsail Reefing - 810T (Chainplate)

    The 'T' series is just as easy to install as the 'S' series, but this system offers a twin groove for race enthusiasts or for those who find twin headsails more fun!

  23. Plastimo Double Light Switch, Switches & Panels

    Plastimo Double Light Switch

    White light switches available as single or double units.
    RRP: £12.22
    Saving: £7.23

  24. Plastimo Novelty Flags, Flags & Poles

    Plastimo Novelty Flags

    Printed design. 45 x 30cm. Featuring three of the more popular images.

  25. Plastimo Teak Directors chair, Boat Seats

    Plastimo Teak Directors chair

    A stylish fold-away directors chair. Supplied without cushion. Size: L 54 x D 43 x H 87 cm. Sitting height 45 cm.

  26. Plastimo Access Hatch with 7 Drawers, Deck Plates & Hatches

    Plastimo Access Hatch with 7 Drawers

    A great compartment for storing your fishing gear, with 7 drawers and opening of 180 degrees, UV resistant. Dimensions 27.5 x 37.5cm.
    RRP: £99.99
    Saving: £11.99

  27. Plastimo Storage Kegs, Crockery & Cutlery

    Plastimo Storage Kegs

    Splash proof storage bottles to store clothes, food, bait, fishing or safety equipment. Supplied with carrying rope. Available in a range of sizes.
    RRP: £22.99
    Saving: £13.00

  28. Plastimo Square Stainless Steel Sink, Basins

    Plastimo Square Stainless Steel Sink

    Stainless steel sink supplied complete with plug, chain and waste. Dimensions: L402 x W372 x D150mm. Waste outlet: 45 mm.

  29. Plastimo Plastimo Stainless Steel Deck Filler Key, Deck Fillers

    Plastimo Stainless Steel Deck Filler Key

    Available for 38mm or 51mm deck fillers with 2 prongs.

  30. Plastimo Headsail Reefing (608/810) - Blocks & Sheets Package, Sailing Control & Reefing

    Plastimo Headsail Reefing (608/810) - Blocks & Sheets Package

    Kits consist of: 406: 12.5M pre-stretched sheet dia 4mm, 3 blocks, 1 stanchion sheave. 608/810: 20m pre-stretched sheet dia 6mm, 4 blocks, 1 stanchion sheave.


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