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    Sterling Universal Advanced Alternator

    product code: 7724
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    Standard alternators are not designed to be good battery chargers; they are designed only to charge an engine start battery sufficiently to start the engine. The Sterling Regulator is designed to charge batteries as fast as possible and to their maximum capacity without damage to the batteries or alternators.

    What to expect from an Advanced Regulator:

    1)Maintains maximum performance to alternators power curve within preset envelope supplied by battery manufacurers.

    2)Batteries charging 4 - 20 times faster

    3)Enables 25-35% extra useful power to be stored in batteries. A conventional alternator will only charge the battery to a max of about 75% and the battery voltage drops to a useless voltage of about 40%, which means that out of 100 amps of battery capacity only 35 amps are used. an advanced regulator will fully charge the battery giving an extra 25%, which ncreases the useful available power by about 70%.

    4)Battery plates kept free from sulphate damage resulting in longer battery life.

    5)Built in safety feature that in event of incorrect installation the unit will switch itself off.

    6)Reduces needless running hours on the main engine

    7)Compensates for voltage drops due to long cable runs, amp meters, diodes and other general wiring associated problems

    8)Automatically converts machne-sensed alternator to a permanent battery sensed alternator.

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