Sikaflex Marine Sealant, Paint & Varnish


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  1. Sikaflex Primer 215, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex Primer 215

    Sika 215 Primer is a special formulation for use on all GRP, wood and some plastic substrates.
    RRP: £47.99
    Saving: £19.29

  2. Sikaflex Sikaflex UV Shield Tape, Marine Tapes

    Sikaflex UV Shield Tape

    Black UV protectant tape for window sealing. Attaches from the outside of the window so that the sealant is covered and not exposed to UV rays.
    RRP: £27.80
    Saving: £2.52

  3. Sikaflex Sikaflex 291i General Purpose Adhesive/Sealer, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex 291i General Purpose Adhesive/Sealer

    An all-purpose flexible marine sealant that bonds extremely well to all the standard materials used in boat construction.

  4. Sikaflex Primer 209, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex Primer 209

    Sika Primer-209 is a black pigmented liquid of low viscosity which dries by reaction with atmospheric moisture.

  5. Sikaflex Remover 208, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex Remover 208

    Sikaflex remover 208

  6. Sikaflex 290DC Deck Caulking Primer, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex 290DC Deck Caulking Primer

    This primer is formulated to remove surface contamination and wood oils prior to the application of Sikaflex 290DC.
    RRP: £52.99
    Saving: £5.30

  7. Sikaflex Sikaflex 292 - Cartridge, Marine Sealant

    Sikaflex 292 - Cartridge

    A high modulus adhesive suitable for high strength flexible bonding. Adheres well to a variety of substrates such as metals, aluminiums, metal primers, paints, ceramic materials and plastics.


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