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Seasure Stanchion and Deck Rigging

We Supply a range of stanchion and deck rigging at Mailspeed Marine for great support on your guard rails on your boat. Made from high quality robust materials to make the boat extremely reliable. Why not take a look at our collection of oars and rowlocks.

  1. Lacing Hook

    SeaSure Lacing Hook

    RRP: £1.99
    Saving: £1.00
    Hole Pitch:
    Small: 15.7mm
    Long: 12.7mm Learn More
  2. Parrel Bead
    6 Colours

    SeaSure Parrel Bead

    RRP: £2.99
    Saving: £2.00
    4 sizes and 6 colours so that control lines can be colour coded. They are counter bored one end to take a stopper knot. Learn More
  3. Flat Reefing Hook (Heavy duty short Lacing Hook )

    SeaSure Flat Reefing Hook (Heavy duty short Lacing Hook )

    RRP: £3.00
    Saving: £1.01
    Flat Reefing Hook (25.15)

    Hole pitch: 12.7mm
    Hole diameter: 4mm Learn More
  4. Stanchion Mounted Eye

    SeaSure Stanchion Mounted Eye

    RRP: £3.99
    Saving: £2.00
    Backing plate and eye clamp around stanchion to make fast. Hole centres for 25mm Eye is 51mm. Hole centres for 32mm eye are 62mm. Learn More
  5. Shroud Roller

    SeaSure Shroud Roller

    RRP: £5.50
    Saving: £3.51
    Shroud Roller, 69mm, 12mm hole size. Learn More
  6. 60mm Webbing Buckle

    SeaSure 60mm Webbing Buckle

    RRP: £4.00
    Saving: £3.01
    60mm Webbing Buckle from Seasure. Learn More
  7. SeaSure Flat Eye Plate

    SeaSure Flat Eye Plate

    RRP: £22.99
    Saving: £14.00
    Flat Eye Plate 64mm x 73mm
    Our range of deck eyes, clips and hooks are manufactured from top grade AISI 316 stainless steel. Learn More
  8. Panel Clip

    SeaSure Panel Clip

    RRP: £4.99
    Saving: £4.00
    Panel Clip for 25mm (1") diameter tube Learn More
  9. Seasure Aluminium Sliding Bar Buckle

    SeaSure Aluminium Sliding Bar Buckle - 50mm

    RRP: £6.99
    Saving: £4.00
    Seasure Aluminium Sliding Bar Buckle - 50mm Learn More

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