5 secrets to restoring your boat

Restoring a boat can be tough work, let alone expensive. Whether you’ve recently bought an old vessel that needs a bit of TLC, or your own boat is starting to look like it was found on the bottom of the ocean, we’ve shared 5 boat restoration secrets below that will save you both time and Read more

Choosing the right life jacket

Choosing the right life jacket is fundamental when it comes to keeping you alive and increasing your survival time in the unfortunate event of an accident. Lifejackets are designed so that the victim will remain  face up in the water in order to allow them to breathe even if they’re unconscious. There are various types Read more

Top 6 Sailing Jackets

A good sailing jacket is possibly the most important item in your sailing wardrobe and probably the most expensive. Therefore, you should make sure you pick the right one for you. The jacket that you need will depend of the type of sailing that you take part in – ocean/offshore, coastal/inshore or day sailing/lightweight. Here Read more

Choosing the right life raft

A life raft is a fundamental piece of safety equipment that is used to provide emergency transportation and shelter, to evacuate people from a sinking or endangered vessel. They are partly collapsable, so are easier to store than life boats, which are solid. They are also much quicker to launch than life boats. Ocean Safety Read more

A guide to rash vests

What are Rash Vests? Also known as Rash Guards, Rash Vests are athletic tops that are made of polyester, neoprene, spandex or nylon. They protect the wearer from rashes, caused by friction or sunburn. They can either be worn on their own, or under a wetsuit or drysuit. A key component of water sport gear, Read more

Best Dinghy Boots for Sailing

What are Dinghy Boots? Dinghy Boots are special boots for all types of dinghy sailing, designed to protect your feet from the elements and allow you to move around the deck with ease and without slipping. They are usually made of neoprene which helps to keep your feet padded and insulated. Their flexibility allows sailors Read more

Everything you need to know about buying drysuits

What is a Drysuit? A drysuit is a loose fitting outfit that is waterproof. They are constructed from layers of insulating fabric, to protect the wearer from cold conditions. It protects the whole body except the head, hands and on some suits, the feet too. Musto MPX Gore-tex One Design drysuit Buy Now for £499.99 Musto Read more

Choosing the best cover for your boat this winter

It is a good idea to have a boat cover, regardless of where you are storing your boat. A good boat cover will protect your boat from rain, snow, sun, rodents, pollution, bird droppings, dust and debris. The sun, in particular, will naturally fade the appearance of the boat and the boat’s materials will naturally Read more

Winterising your boat : How to ensure your boat is ready for the winter

It may not be something that any of us enjoy but winterising is an essential element of boat maintenance. The time, effort and funds you spend for the winter period will definitely affect your vessel’s performance come spring. Ideally winterisation should begin before the boat is out the water and the temperature starts to drop. Read more

Gifts for Boat Lovers : Nautical gifts for boat owners & boat lovers

Have a nautical or fishing enthusiast in your life and not sure what to buy them? We have put together a helpful gift guide for the best boat related presents you could wish for. Nautical Stocking Fillers Nauticalia Porcelain Campfire-Style Mugs Nauticalia “First Mate” Mug Buy Now for £6.49 Nauticalia “Captain” Mug Buy Now for Read more