Be Prepared this Season: Know who is Sailing Near You

When we are out on the water it can be useful to know who is sailing close to you to, this is particularly true when we approach the summer months and there are a variety of nationalities riding the waves. While we are in no means stereotyping; there are several signs that let you know that you are approaching a boat skippered by those of a different nationality.

Here are some tell tale signs of certain nationalities.

The English

The English really are a strangle lot; what other nationality has two stereotypes that are completely oxymoronic? On one hand you have those who seem to apologise profusely when they step on your toe and on the other, you have beer-guzzling barbarians looking to launch a tirade of abuse at a moment’s notice along with the customary empty beer bottles.

Well, when you are on the water this doesn’t really change. Seriously you can spot the British from a mile away.  They will either be sailing by the book, doing every procedure with precision and tutting to themselves whenever someone doesn’t do something ‘their way’. Or they will be bumbling along in the water not paying due care and attention to those around them and abusing anyone who dares to get in their way. Chances are that they will also takeover your boat without any remorse and ransack everything and give it back to you at the end of the day with nothing left in it. They will then try and make you feel like you should be honoured that they even looked at you in the first place.

The Italians

Italy- a country populated with beautiful people, beautiful food and beauty at every turn. Don’t let the beauty fool you though, the Italians are a law unto themselves and you should try and keep an eye on them at all times when you are out on the water.

For some reason, unlike other nationalities, the Italians are preoccupied with the ‘changing of the seasons’ and an unfounded  belief that if a sudden rush of cold air enters your ear or hits your neck you risk to be bedridden for the coming days, or even worse, certain death.

The sound of adults yelling and screaming at each other for extended periods of time can usually be unsettling when you are in the middle of the ocean, especially as this is usually a sign that it is about to kick off. With the Italians this isn’t actually the case and they are more than likely debating the merits of their favourite football teams or discussing which type of pasta works with their favourite ragu. Or maybe they are just having a mundane conversation?  Chi  lo sa!

The Germans

The Germans. Where to begin? They all seem to hang out on their boats all day gulping down  litres of beer while somehow appearing to remain sober and taunting those around them with their machine like precision as they manage to combat the fiercest of storms.

All of us Europeans know the truth; we all secretly love to hate the Germans. You will notice them fairly easily as they glide around the waters without a care in the world, their boats shining in the sun and  not exactly doing a lot to dispel those myths in that old Carling advert.

The Irish

Ireland has some of the most beautiful coastline in the world and it is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Therefore it is not hard to see why so many of the Irish love sailing, after all, who can blame them when they have the Atlantic banging on their door?

You will usually hear the Irish before you see them; for some reason swearing seems to have become something of a past time in Ireland and now seems to have become second nature to them There’s no need to worry though, the Irish are an incredibly friendly bunch who always seem to be up for a laugh and a half pint of beer.

They also seem to have a love of leaving things right until the very last minute. You know the Irish are nearby as they will power their way towards you and suddenly turn at the last minute before letting out a few swear words. Unlike the English though this will all just be part of the craic and they will then offer you a few drinks on their boat.

usa flag

The Americans

Ahhh..the good old Americans. You will know that the Americans are about when you notice that there are several guns pointing in the direction of your boat with several choppers overhead. There is also a good chance that their boat will be both daubed in American flags and have the loudest engine you’ve ever heard.

Let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly hard to miss, are they?

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