Buying Boat Fenders

In boating, a fender is a bumper which is used to absorb the kinetic energy released by a boat or berthing against a jetty quay wall or other vessel. Fenders are used to prevent damage to boats, vessels and berthing structures. The way they work is due to the fact they have high energy absorption and a low reaction force.

The type of fender your boat needs depends on many variables, including dimensions and displacement of the vessel, maximum allowable stand-off, berthing structure, tidal variations and other berth-specific conditions.

Some boats require permanent inflatable boat fenders, whilst others use mobile boat fenders for docking only. See the following guide to boat fenders for sale as well as information on boat fender accessories.

Below are come examples of the different types of fenders there are available
Majoni Fenders


Majoni Fenders - White
The affordable PVC inflatable Majoni boat fenders can be re-inflated easily to keep them going for a long time. These boat fenders for sale come in a number of different sizes, depending on your boat and individual needs. There is also the choice of white, or white and blue.

Mailspeed Marine Fender Covers



Fender Cover - PVM1
Keeping boat fenders in good condition can be a bit of a challenge at times. That’s why it is important to have some boat fender accessories that can help you to maintain the bumpers themselves. With hard, plastic fenders, dirt and grit can easily become trapped, and can be very damaging to the exterior gel coat on your boat. Avoid having to shell out lots of money to repair this by ensuring you use Mailspeed Marine Fender Covers. The material used is non-abrasive, stain resistant, loop-knit acrylic fabric. Available in numerous sizes, these boat fender accessories can suit the needs of a variety of sizes of vessel.

Ocean Bow Boat Fenders


PVM 1 Bow Fenders

Ocean PVM 1 Bow Fenders can be used for new race boats and cruisers that need to be protected. This 104cm long fender can be left in position when sailing because of its shape. It is particularly effective at stopping the anchor from banging against the bow when weighing anchor. It is also perfect for bow berthing needs without damage. The fender is made of durable polyurethane solid cushion. All bow shapes up to 7cm wide will easily be fitted with this fender thanks to its flexibility and included lines to mount.

Ocean Stern Fenders

Stern Fenders

Ocean Stern Fenders are best way to protect the stern of the sail boats. Made of solid soft and durable polyurethane. Exceptional boat protection and long life – will not deflate. As well as the bow, the rear end too needs protection. These stern fenders from Ocean are a great way of making sure that the stern of your boat is well looked after. These durable boat fenders for sale are made from solid soft polyurethane, meaning they can be flexible. Safely held in place thanks to the line attachment, this equipment can match sterns from 60° at 75° (Classic 60), 75° to 90° (Match 80).

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