Marine Cooking Equipment – Our Top Picks



BBQ season is upon us, so we thought we would pick out some top equipment and accessories to help you to show off your marine cooking skills! In our Clearance Cooking Outlet, you will find huge discounts on quality cooking brands, such as Magma, Blakes, CF Parker and more. Upgrade your galley kitchen and save money too!

Thompson Rail Bracket For Disposable BBQ

A quick and simple solution to barbecuing on board, this bracket simply clamps onto the rail to hold your disposable BBQ.


Great Cruising Cookbook

Featuring 350 recipes from around the world, this cookbook also includes guides to galley equipment, rough weather foods and a tropical food guide. Learn what kind of fruits and vegetables you should keep and for how long, how to catch fish, on board gardening and much more...


Cobb Stainless Steel Premier BBQ

The Cobb Premier is the ultimate cooking system! The food is isolated from the charcoal, so it doesn't smoke. The BBQ remains cool to the touch on the outside, so it can be used on a table or wooden deck, without damage. Just 6 briquettes will cook for up to 6 hours. Cook pizza in just 15 minutes! It is super easy to clean, with most of the parts being dishwasher safe.


Braising Pot + Lid

Made from a thick aluminium, this pot can be used with all heating types, including induction heaters. The aluminium has been coated with Teflon Platinum, so it is non-stick. Supplied with a glass lid, it has a 5 litre capacity and measures 25cm in diameter.


Boaties Fry Pan Cookbook

Cook everything from a warm salad to a pasta dish, from a pancake to a souffle or even a cake! Featuring over 130 recipes, this is a superb collection of modern healthy recipes that uses the minimum of oils or fats and includes dry-frying, steaming, braising and stir-frying.


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