Choosing The Best Life Jacket

Choosing the right life jacket is fundamental when it comes to keeping you alive and increasing your survival time in the unfortunate event of an accident. Lifejackets are designed so that the victim will remain  face up in the water in order to allow them to breathe even if they’re unconscious. There are various types of life jackets available which have important differences. In order to choose the best jacket to suit your needs, careful consideration must be undertaken in terms of where and when your life jacket will be used. Most lifejackets look similar however there are some major differences described below.



Types of Life Jacket

There are 3 main types of lifejacket that come in many brands  including Crewsaver, Lalizas, Mailspeed Marine, Ocean Safety, Secumar and Spinlock. You must take the necessary.


Offshore Life Jacket

This life jacket is best for use in open or rough water away from the shoreline. This jacket will keep you safe for a long period of time until rescue reaches you. These lifejackets have lots of benefits including keeping you afloat the best, they are a highly visible colour and if you are unconscious then the jacket should keep you face up so you don’t drown. The only real disadvantage of this life jacket is that it is quite bulky.












  • ISO 12402-3 (150N) approved but with superior buoyancy (190N) to float you higher in the water
  • A built in inflatable chin support tilts your neck back and keeps your airways clear
  • Unique bladder distribution, providing turning solutions in less than three seconds
  • Three-layer cover construction for extreme durability
  • Innovative 3D shaping providing the ultimate in comfort and performance
  • Stainless Steel buckle for added security
  • Easy to adjust side waist adjusters
  • AIS compatible, activates automatically on inflation


Near-shore Buoyant Vest




this type of life jacket is good for inland water where the conditions are calm and the rescue should be fast. These life jackets only turn some people face up in the water when unconscious so it is not as good as the offshore jacket if you have been injured. The near-shore buoyant vest is however more comfortable to wear and less bulky than the offshore jacket.




Designed for experienced and performance sailors


– 170N buoyancy recommended for off shore sailing.

-Very light, comfortable design for use over long periods.

  • Compact and unobtrusive.
  • Shoulder Fit System™ – flexes and locates ensuring correct fit on shoulders every time and not the neck
  • New back adjustment – hidden and non-snag for easy, simple adjustment
  • Pylon™ Light – high intensity, water activated flashing LED light – 23cm flexible antenna wand gives improved light visibility above head and water. See Pylon Light for more details
  • Low profile collar gives improved fit and reduced fatigue
  • Deck safety harness – ready for clipping on
  • Sprayhood – improved version reduces the risk of secondary drowning
  • Mesh pocket for PLB/ VHF
  • Legstraps with recessed clips to reduce snagging
  • Automatic inflation
  • Safety line cutter included
  • 5 year warranty including Through Life Support (TLS)
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Inflation System – UML Pro Sensor
  • Water sensitive activation system – with single point indication
  • -Uses a compressed paper capsule


Flotation Aid

this is very good for conscious users on inland water where they can be rescued quickly. Floatation aids are available in many styles like vests and floatation coats. These lifejackets are easily the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This is not good enough when used in the sea, if rough water occurs then the wearers face will



The Supersafe Air & Foam is one of the only children’s & baby lifejacket available on the market designed and suitable for ocean, offshore and costal use. Integral design features significantly advance the lifejackets performance and comfort levels including a faster spin time and increased mouth free board (distance from the water) should the wearer fall into the water. Comes sized for babies, children and juniors.



  • 150N super soft PVC foam lifejacket
  • Harness with built in D-ring at the back
  • Contour cut foam for excellent turning
  • Adjustable crotch and waist straps
  •  Comfort back brace
  •  Additional manual inflation chamber to increase buoyancy
  •  Built-in safety harness
  •  Strong, durable cover and fittings
  • Baby and Child sizes have additional seat support
  • Lifting Becket and whistle


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